A testimonial

Someone once told me that having a reading is like turning over the soil in your mind, enabling you to see what lies beneath and to provide room for new growth to occur. The general reading received from Erin was thought provoking and insightful. it was interesting how much of what she said aligned with thoughts and experiences that are unfolding in my life at this time. she provided a message that was both hopeful and reflective, and also gave practical suggestions toward making use of the messages being communicated in the reading. the underlying tone throughout was sincere and loving, creating a healing space to explore together. I am very excited that Erin has embarked on this path and feel that she is gifted at tilling “mind earth” – and this is coming from a nurse who is pretty heavily invested in the biomedical model of health and healing! Thanks dear Erin for the opportunity to share open minds and hearts through your reading.


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