Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 1-7

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 1-7

Card: Sanctuary – from The Faerie Guidance Oracle deck by Paulina Cassidy.


“Within your heart, a space of regenerating sanctuary awaits. The refuge of sanctuary entices you to listen to the calm of your heart, which will guide you to a state of peace. Through sanctuary, feelings of anxiety and turmoil can be put to rest by connecting to the healing and rehabilitating essence of inner silence. There are times in life when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or alienated, either from yourself or others. At such time you’ll find nurturing sanctuary awakening within if you seek it out.

The sanctuary of the heart can lead you to finding outer sanctuary, such as a shrine, forest, garden, or any place that brings this peacefulness closer. Your home can be a sanctuary, as a sanctuary is defined as a sacred place, and what would be more sacred than to recreate your home into a space retreat? One room in your home will work as a sanctuary; someplace to call your own when you need to get away and spend time with your inner silence.

It’ll do wonders for you if you create a private retreat in your home where you can go to unwind, taking a break from all outside intrusions. Whether it be the attic, a room, or a cozy spot in your backyard, find a pleasant place of warmth you can call your own. Make sure everything around you in comfortable, furnished with things that make you happy and relaxed. Be sure there’s good lighting so you can read. Perhaps a luxurious bubble bath is your sanctuary – get those candles lit and play relaxing music. A warm, soothing bubble bath will help you unwind and clear away all the accumulated stress. Uninterrupted time to yourself is a must!

The stillness found within sanctuary is discovered in moments of complete attention and with full presence of a restful mind. Through cultivating the art of inner sanctum, the lushness and richness of all experiences are welcomed and savored. You will feel spruced up when you rediscover what it’s like to live with a heart filled with warmth and inviting nature of sanctuary, rich with energy and vitality. Happiness and oneness live with this inner sanctum, and you can learn to find them at any time and in anything. Live each moment in totality, and you will expand your capacity for openness, confidence, and enjoyment of life.”

Message from Erin: The other day I was at the store, looking for another faerie tarot deck, and the faeries guided me to these cards. They were very adamant about me buying this particular deck. At first when I looked at, I honestly didn’t think much about it. I wasn’t really drawn to it, but the faeries were very much excited about it. They told me that this was a really good deck and they were also telling me that Paulina Cassidy had a really good understanding of them. I trust them, so I didn’t think twice and grabbed the deck. I am so happy with this purchase! These cards are very practical and helpful. I find that each card gives really good advice on how to make small changes to our day to day lives. It’s very practical information, which is good guidance.

Message from The Faeries: A sanctuary can be anywhere and everywhere. Go for a walk on the beach, a walk on the woods, or even just a walk down a quiet street. Put some headphones on and tune yourself out and tune yourself inward. Take some time to be by yourself. Just give yourself time to process. Now is not the time to be ignoring yourself and now is definitely the time to be meeting your needs. If you don’t do this for yourself, who is going to do this for you? All aspects of your being will benefit from this. Your body, your mind, your spirit, your emotional body, all of you.

There is a word that is directly related to sanctuary, which is sanctify. SANCTIFY YOURSELF!!

Please take care of yourselves. Love yourselves, truly. You are all worthy of sanctity. We would love for you all to feel this. It might not be the easiest task, and we appreciate that, but what are your other options? Are those other options really what you want? If so, by all means, we support you either way. But, we know for a fact that most of you truly desire to feel good and to have joy in this life. Taking care of yourself is a really important step towards having the things that you want. Also, it is much more difficult for us to help manifest your heart’s desire if you don’t love yourself. When you don’t love yourself, you are sending out a pretty strong message to us that you don’t really feel like you deserve to have all the things that you want.

We Love YOU!

The Faeries and Erin.


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