Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Feb 25 – Mar 3, 2013

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 22-28.

Message from Arryn: I was surprised to see this card again, but this is the card I pulled. It was the same card my mom pulled a couple of months ago when she did a weekly reading on my behalf. I was going to pick a different card after pulling this one, but the Faeries really wanted me to repost this card.
The Faeiries tell me that what this card is about this week is deciding what it is we really want. More importantly, it’s about asking ourselves if we want Knowledge or if we would prefer to remain in ignorance. It’s actually quite alright if we choose not to know anything. I don’t really like the expression “Ignorance is bliss”, but there is some real truth to that statement. Once we obtain a certain level of understanding or we gain more knowledge, we can’t claim ignorance any longer. To open ourselves to our own truths, and to remove our masks, we then really have no choice but to hold ourselves more accountable. Once we truly are in our power and being more honest, it gets so much more difficult to play the victim.
Who’s in charge? You are!
When we hide behind our masks and keep playing out these roles we’ve adopted we can still try to claim the fool.
So, it’s up to you. Do you want to know better or do you want to keep playing the person who just accidentally showed up on this planet to play some part in a scene where they don’t even know who wrote the script. Are you the director or the actor? You decide.
The faeries wanted to add: There is no right or wrong choice, that is the beauty of free-will. But….chances are you are going to manifest the life you want and be more happy if you choose to be the director.
Many blessings to all of you!
Much love,
Arryn and The Faeries

Messages from the Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Feb 25 – Mar 3, 2013

I’m feeling absolutely exhausted today, been busy in the process of moving. My wonderful mother has volunteered to do this weeks reading and she has done a fantastic job. The faeries are quite pleased with her and themselves I might add. Haha. Thanks Mom!

Here it is:


The Lady of the Leprechauns –“If the Leprechauns are tricky, their Lady is even more so. She holds gifts of Faerie in both hands gifts of knowledge of the future and of clear sight….what to choose? Remember that her gifts are not what they appear to be. Knowledge of the future and clear sight proffered by someone as tricky as this lady may be no more than a glittering illusion.” The Heart of Faerie Oracle, Brian & Wendy Froud

Greetings: My dearest daughter Erin is somewhat under-the-weather. Thus, I TAP…

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2 thoughts on “Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Feb 25 – Mar 3, 2013

  1. This is funny Arryn considering your reading for me yesterday…making clear choices on what it is you want and don’t want. What you are open to receive and not receive. Letting go of past behaviours and choosing to live fully in the now. All you can do is try, either way is okay as long as you are clear on what you want…what do I want? Good one! TAP

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