Faerie Card Reading for the Week of May 27th – June 2nd

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of May 27th – June 2nd

I felt guided this week to do a three card reading because of the Super Moon. I was reading this article and felt inspired: http://www.starchildglobal.com/rabbitholemay2013.html#one This full moon is about starting a new era.


Cards: Daughter – The answer to your question involves your daughter; Ask for What You Want – Let the Universe and other people know what you need; Easy Does It –  Stop trying so hard to control everything and all the doors will open for you; All cards are from the Magical Messages from the Faeries Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Erin’s Reading: The first Card is about the very recent past. When I first saw the card, I saw the child and I felt right away that this card was really about the inner-child. More specifically it is about all of the difficult inner-child issues and work that I see many people working on lately. It has been a topic that has been on the forefront of my mind for the past month. Because the card sits in the past position, I feel that the faeries are telling me that it is now time to put that behind us. We have done lots of work, and now it is time to go and have fun like the girl in the card who seems to be having lots and lots of fun. Because she is dressed like a flower and playing in the flowers, I also feel like the faeries are telling us to go for a walk in nature sometime soon, and to enjoy all the beautiful flowers  that are blooming right now. They also just told me that all of you should go out today and buy yourself some flowers. You deserve them for all the hard work you have done. If you don’t feel you deserve them, go buy some or pick some for a loved one who could use some cheering.

In the second card, we see a cute little faerie making a wish with a dandelion. The faerie is asking for something that he really really wants. This card is asking us to let the Universe know what our heart desires most. The faeries are asking me right now to let you know that there doesn’t need to be any limitations. You can ask for whatever you want! This particular time is going to be a very powerful manifestation time. It has to do with the way everything is aligned on a celestial, terra and personal level. You have all been doing so much hard work for yourself and others. The Universe supports you, and would like you to have all the things that you feel you need. Please don’t be afraid to ask. Make a wish and send it in a very heartfelt way, full of gratitude, to the Universe. You may even meet someone or reconnect with someone in the next few weeks who can assist you in making your dreams come true. Dream big!

The last card is the Easy Does It card. I knew right away what this is about. This is about all of us allowing ourselves to let go and let the things that our heart’s desire to enter into our life. That for me, personally, is the most difficult step in manifesting. I have no problem in believing that the Universe can bring to me all the things that I have asked for. My problem is in allowing those gifts to come to me. I often block the process by trying to micro-manage how the manifestations come in and by trying to control everything. The faeries are asking us to just let go, sit back and enjoy the ride. Just go out and have fun, and don’t worry or stress out about everything. Stress and worry are also big blockers in us being able to receive the things we want in our lives. The rainbow in this card is a big sign for me that we will be able to manifest all the things we want in our lives, no problem. All these things are already here or on their way. We just have to, as some people like to say, let go and let God. Or, we can say, let go and let faeries 🙂

Many blessing to all of you!

Much love,


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