Faerie Card Reading for the week of July 8th – July 14th, 2013

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of July 8th – 14th, 2013

My mom has been kind to do this weeks reading for me again. Thanks Mom!

I feel Blessed once again in being asked to work with the Faeries in providing you with a reading for this week and it’s truly a dandy!
The reading this week comes from Doreen Virtue’s Oracle Cards Magical Mermaids and Dolphins. I was given 2 cards to share with you this week. They tie in with one another beautifully.
Card #1 STAY OPTIMISTIC – “Your about to collect your rewards and your prayers will be answered. However, a bit more patience and guided action on your part is required…keep your faith about miracles and heavenly magic.”
Card #2 MAKE A WISH – “….Now is a magical moment. Go into a quiet space…Close your eyes, and imagine that your wish has come true. Feel it with your entire being. Then express thanks for this gift and release it like a helium balloon straight to heaven…important that you follow the guidance in order to bring the wish into physical form.
The 2 words that come to me right away are Gratitude and Believe. It is vital that you give Gratitude for all that you are and all that you about to receive. Too often you fall into the trap of Entitlement, not realizing that part of the gift is based on Gratitude and the other is that you Believe.
If you Believe that you are entitled to your manifestation with no Gratitude for what we have co-created in relation to the magic of the Universe then chances are your wishes will dissolve without completion.
If you have Gratitude, yet you Believe from a place of Fear then anything that would interfere with your manifestation, including Doubts, prevails and your rewards or wishes are delayed until you can heal yourself of the Fear.
Beloved you deserve all we have to offer, through co-creation with you. Please spend time in creating realistic images, thoughts, words, lists, descriptions or visions of what you truly desire. Then give heartfelt Gratitude each and every day for this wonderful gift(s). You can even ask your friends and family to add their Gratitude and prayers for your receipt of such gifts. Just make sure they have a full description of what it is you desire. Believe you are worth this gift!
Blessings All Ways from the Faeries and Mom.



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