Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 11 – 17, 2013

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 11 – 17, 2013

Card – Lakshmi – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


“This is a kind universe, and everyone within it is working in your favor. There are no tests, blocks, or obstacles in your way, except your own projections of fear into your future. Take a moment and hush your mind, quieting it from worries and fears. Feel me brush your brow with a new energy of faith, hope and optimism. These energies fuel your exciting present time, as well as future moments. Why would you wish darkness upon yourself when light shines all around you? Step into this brightness by lightening your thoughts and feelings. You must stop worrying, as this anxiety squelches the goodness that seeks to find you! Clear your heart of fear, and replace those energies with ones that will serve you and your family instead. Refuse to think of anything except your bright today and tomorrow, and I promise you that it will be so.”

Message from Erin: The faeries very strongly guided me to use this particular deck for the reading for this week. I said to them: “But this isn’t a faerie deck!” and they asked: “are you doubting us, have we ever lead you astray?” The answer to this is: No. The faeries have never given me a reason to doubt. And yet…here I am, still having my brief moments of doubt. I was having brunch with my lovely friend Zoraah today, and this came up a few times in our conversation today. I forget what exact words she used was, but I do believe it was to the effect of “doubt is the killer”. Doubt kills our dreams! It’s our self doubt that is holding us back and it is our doubt in God, the angels, the faeries and everything that is preventing us from all the things that our heart desires. Lakshmi is asking us to trust in ourselves and hold a candle of faith to our dreams and wishes. The moment we let doubt creep in is the moment that our flame can be snuffed out.

Message from The Faeries: In some regards, November 11th is just another day, but we implore you to regard this day as a very important day. Vibrationally tomorrow is an important day for all your dreams and manifestations. We ask that you very diligently and sincerely hold all your dreams, hopes and aspirations close to your heart, and that you keep your heart flame of hope, faith and love burning bright for all that you desire to manifest in your life at this time.

We have heard all of your prayers and they are being answered much faster and sooner than you could possibly imagine. We only require that you keep the faith and keep your joy brighter than it ever has been. Let your joy and excitement for the future fill up your heart, and let your heart shine brightly and clearly. The brightness of your love and joy will bring to you all that you have been praying for. Don’t concern yourself with the details of the hows and whos and all that business, that is for us to worry about (we don’t actually worry though). Keep the faith and keep the love burning bright.

After the 11th of November, we would love for you to just relax and be care free. Everything is going to work out! This wonderful goddess Lakshmi is going to take your love torches burning bright and she is going to guard them with great care and diligence. She is going to watch over you and send you lots of love. She is a wish granter, and she is going to help assist in making all your dreams come true. Have faith in faith in her, have trust in us, but most importantly, believe in yourself.

We love you!


Erin and The Faeries

Just a reminder about my November Special.

All 30 minute readings this month are $20 and 60 minute readings are $40. I also love to do trade.


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