Testimonial from Alienora

I always feel so blessed when someone I do a reading for sends me such in depth and wonderful feedback. 

Here is a testimonial from fellow blogger Alienora Taylor:

“I was recently lucky enough to receive an in-depth Tarot card reading from Erin. She has never met me, knows nothing of me other than my name – and, until a week ago, we had never been in touch. Yet, her reading was incredibly accurate.

Five of the seven cards she chose were Hearts (in her deck); these correspond to Cups in conventional decks, and Grails in the Arthurian Deck I work with. These five were totally apt at several levels: firstly, I had asked for a Romance/Relationship reading; secondly (and unknown to Erin), I have embarked upon the year long Hallowquest course, and last week happened to be the lesson involving the White Hart (Lovers card in traditional decks!), which couldn’t have been more appropriate. Thirdly, my weekend was fuelled by love.
The Princess and Queen of Hearts were also amazingly accurate. When first I started studying tarot twenty years ago, I was drawn immediately to the Grail Maiden and Grail Queen cards – and Erin was quite right when she pointed out that the former represented my past self, the latter me as I am now.
The themes of togetherness, Soul Mates and some kind of veil or mystery were also absolutely bang on the nail. Erin wasn’t sure whether I was in a relationship or now – and commented twice that there seemed to be a veil over this aspect of things, as if she were not supposed to know. But she also commented that The One, The Soul Mate was already in my life.
She was right on both counts: I suspect I have created the mist myself because there are areas of this whole thing I do not feel it appropriate to tease out for the moment – and the Soul Mate is, indeed, already in my life.
The Two, Three and Nine of Hearts were a powerful and reassuring sight, with their themes of togetherness and heart’s desire. Oddly, I have drawn Grail Nine several times myself recently, and have always been drawn to all three of them.
I have been incredibly impressed by this reading. It delighted me, gave me pause for thought, allowed to me look at the darknesses in my life – and the light too.
I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Erin as a very talented Tarot reader – and shall certainly be visiting her site again in the future.”   
Thank you Alienora!
This is the deck I used to do her reading:

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