Faerie Card Reading for the Week of January 19th – 25th, 2015


Card: 27 Nelys the Alchemyst – from The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth.

“Sometimes things just cannot move without readjustment – perhaps even radical realignment. We may feel that we should be able to bring our plans to fruition, but we may be aiming at the impossible, or at least the very inappropriate. Part of the impossibility or inappropriateness may be a result of our own attitudes, beliefs, or behaviours, and part of it may be circumstances in the world – things that are beyond our control.

Often inner transformation is required in order to achieve what we wish for in the world, just as, conversely, changes in the outer world often elicit inner transformation. Personal inner change is the truest transformation of all – and in the long run, it is the only change that really matters.”

Message from the Faeries: Alchemy is one of the most difficult arts to learn, and inner alchemy is the finest art to learn. All of you, whether you are aware of it or not, have been practicing alchemy for most of your life.

Some of you may think of alchemy as the practice of turning lead into gold. We would say that this is rather metaphorical. A more practical metaphor would be: Turning lemons into lemonade. It’s when you create circumstances and situations for yourself, through your desire and efforts. You exercise your free will and you orchestrate your life.

Is there something you are trying to achieve right now and it’s just not going your way? Are you making a wish and it’s just not coming true? We would like you, great alchemist, to consider a couple of things. The first thing we would like you to consider is: Is what you are asking for infringing on someone else’s free will? If so, this is most likely not going to work out for you.

For example, let’s say that you are in love with someone and you just know within your heart of hearts that this person is your soul mate or your twin flame. This could very well be true, but sadly, they might not be ready to be in a relationship with you and there is a strong possibility that they won’t be in this lifetime. Relationships with a soul mate or twin flame are the most challenging and often one of the people just isn’t up for the challenge. It doesn’t matter the reason why. It’s for your own health that you are best to accept their free will choice and move on. Your alchemy brought them into your life, if you have been praying for them. Your wish was granted, but their own free will was also in play.

The second thing that we would like you to consider, if you are having troubles manifesting your heart’s desires, is that maybe your own inner alchemy might need some fine tuning. Perhaps you’ve been asking for something that is completely achievable, but something about what you are saying versus what you are doing is not matching up.

Let’s say you would like a new house. You keep saying the same affirmations every day, and you look at pictures of dream homes, and you are making space for a new house; you are doing all the “right” things. But if you are being really honest with yourself, you have also had a lot of negative talk about the stresses of moving, and you’ve been feeling afraid for change. Once you correct this, and match up your actions, thoughts and words, you’ll be able to have that dream home.

Enjoy your journeys, you magical alchemists.

We love you,

The Faeries


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