Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 2nd – 8th, 2015

Card: Pregnancy – from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Message from The Faeries: This is going to be a very magical week! Can you feel it?! We are so very excited for you. 

Some of you must be looking at this card and wondering if we are crazy. How on earth could you be pregnant? Well, for most of you this is a metaphorical pregnancy. You aren’t actually pregnant with a baby, but you are very pregnant with new inspiration, great ideas, and with wisdom worth sharing. This week you feel full of new life, wonderment and love. Spring is just around the corner for some of you, and this brings a time of great transformation. It isn’t time to give birth to those thoughts, ideas or projects just yet. This is the week of conception –  inspiration. After this week, you will nurture and give love to your project, and watch it grow until you are ready to give birth to it sometime in the next coming months.

For some of you, this week will bring you news of someone close to you being pregnant, and there are a few of you who will become pregnant or find out you are indeed with child. What incredibly wonderful news!

As we mentioned last week, right now there are a lot of changes happening. There is a lot of intense energies, and lots of transformative waves happening here on Earth. Expect to hear about people choosing to leave this plane at this time, as well as the announcements of pregnancy and birth. You can use these energies for your own benefit. Take these energies and use them to purge your own life of what is no longer serving you, and harness these energies to create something new. Ask for guidance or signs to give you new direction. Follow your intuition. If you are at all feeling the need to write, draw, sew, or do anything creative, we urge you to follow that guidance.

We hope you have a wonderful week. We love you!

The Faeries

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