Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 9 – 15, 2017

Card: VI The Lovers – from the Tarot Del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo.

“Love, beauty, unanimity, trists overcome, confidence, beginning of a possible romance, infatuation, tendency towards optimism, letting oneself go, the necessity of testing  or subjecting to trial, struggle between sacred and profane love, putting to the proof, yearning.”

Message from the Faeries: This week, it’s all about love. For those of you who are single and are hoping to meet someone, and for those who are wanting romance in your life, this week will present you with an opportunity. If this is what you really want in your life right now, then pay close attention to signs being given to you and listen tonyour intuition. If you feel compelled to go somewhere or do something, then you should follow your instincts. 

We would like to take this time to tell you that you are all surrounded by love, all the time. If you are feeling a lack of love right now, then you are not paying attention to the love that is there for you at all times. It means you’ve closed yourself off to love that is always there. Open yourself up and be vulnerable. Let the love in. 

Please don’t forget this you are made of love. You don’t even have to look outside for love, all you could possibly need is within. Give yourself some love you deserved it. 

And this is our other message for this week – you all deserve love. Every single one of you. No exception. You all deserve to be have love. You all deserve to be loved. You all deserve to give love too. We hope you take this to heart. 

We love you, 

The Faeries 


8 thoughts on “Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 9 – 15, 2017

  1. Beautiful deck. Makes me think of Spain.
    The Lovers has come up for me a bit in the last few years in regards to the same geography

      • It’s beautiful art. Very characteristic. Obviously a lot happening there right now. Got an email from a writer friend over there last night.

      • Music in the cafes at night and revolution in the air.
        I never judge another’s karma… what might be unbearable pain for the voyeur is made worse for the doer because the voyeur puts the value systems of the wrong deity on the work. I am grateful for my karma and that I have a contribution to make that helps others in community who cannot do our jobs.
        Live and let live… McCartney never conquered his demons of self

      • I hope some things resolve so that those innocents who haven’t been harmed are never hurt again. Mother’s whose screams will haunt me for the rest of my life, can never get their children back.
        I love life cos God knows I’ve paid some dues. Wouldn’t be worth much if we hadn’t given so much.
        Look to the writing of Hemingway who was an ambulance officer in the last Spanish revolution

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