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I have been communicating with the faeries since I was a little girl. When I was small, they used to whisper things into my ear and show me places to go to have adventures with the flowers, trees and the animals. I remember one time seeing them in the trees at night, all lit up and flying around. They used to keep me company and make me laugh when I would run hide from my friends and family. We would play in the tall grass or in the bushes. As a teenager, the faeries would inspire me on my walks home late at night. They would keep me feeling safe and protected. They showed me how to listen to the trees, how to communicate with rocks and crystals, and they taught me how to pay attention to the stars in the sky. As a young woman, I invited them to come and live inside my home where I soon learned about their mischievous nature. The faeries loved playing with the cats, sometimes teasing and taunting them. When I wasn’t paying enough attention to them, they would hide my jewellery in strange places or things would just outright disappear.  Despite not always appreciating their silly always, there was a deep love and understanding between myself and the faeries. There was always an undertone of faerie magic in my life, even when I altogether stopped paying attention to them as I got older.

In the spring of 2011, once again the faeries began to make their presence known to me. At first they would drop subtle hints. Objects around the house would go missing, jewellery would be found in strange places and sometimes there were strange sounds at different times of the day. Even my roommates started to complain about things going missing and feeling as though there were people in the house doing things when no one was at home. At first I didn’t quite catch on to what was happening, but then they started to get physical about it. They would pinch me from time to time, and at first I thought I was just imagining these things or that I was going crazy. It took an actual kick to the head, which a friend of mine witnessed, for me to finally realize what was going on: the faeries wanted me to start paying attention to them, like now! Soon after this etheric kick to the head, I acknowledged their presence and made myself available to them. All I can say is that my life has been so much better for it!

After I began to reconnect with the faeries, I started to have some very vivid and intense experiences with them. One day when I was sitting in my living room with my roommate, we both became intensely aware of a beautiful sweet smell that was almost intoxicating. I knew right away that it was a faerie. We realized that the smell was coming from a different part of the house and so we went and stood in the location of the smell. We both became aware that there was an entity and that and that it wanted to speak to us. This was the first time I spoke to a faerie since I was a child. It was really quite exciting, overwhelming and just a tiny bit scary. The faerie told us that she was sent from the Faerie Queen and that she was just checking up on us, to see if we were ready. She wouldn’t tell us what we should be ready for, but it was quite evident that there was going to be a tasked asked of me. There were other visitations from various faerie beings over the spring and summer, and over this short time I became more and more comfortable with having them come into my home.

In the fall of 2011, I threw a party in my home and invited my friends and family, but the main guests of honour were the faeries. I made them a big feast and gave them lots of offerings, invited them to come and live in my home, and most importantly I made a commitment to be of service to them. Over the past two years, as I have communicated more frequently and become more connected with the faeries, they have asked me to write for them and become one of their spokespeople. I feel quite honoured to be asked to be their messenger, and I feel truly blessed. It’s all very new and exciting to me, and I hope that you are all able to receive some benefit and blessings from their words. They have so much that they want to share with humanity and they strongly feel that right now is the perfect time for all of us to receive this information.

I am currently working on two books with the faeries that I hope to have completed by the end of 2014.

For a very reasonable fee I do tarot readings and healings.

I hope you join me and the faeries on this journey.

Many blessing and much love,


14 thoughts on “About Erin

  1. I am glad we have encountered each other again! I love it when pathways cross and I am very much looking forward to your weekly writings and insight.

  2. Erin
    Please share more about how to communicate with rocks . I was a rock talker in previous incarnations. Now I want to remember how.
    Feel free to email me , or post here

  3. Hi there Erin,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere and the follow, your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂

    Have a great day,


  4. Dear Erin…

    I am so grateful that the waves of cyberspace led me to you. I was pulling my daily cards frommy voyager deck and was using my phone for a glance at the Equilibrium read and your site was the first that popped up.
    I too grew up and still dwell well with the faeries!
    Lately I have been feeling so emotional and filled with anxiety about the many sorrows and ills created and perpetrated by humanity and your words filled me with a grounding and hopeful inspiration that I am ever so grateful to for.

    I am a children’s edutainer and crafter who specializes in storytelling with handcrafted puppets! My current show is a story about home and displacement from the perspective of nonhuman species and I am also writing and illustrating books !

    You can learn more about me at: http://www.emilybutterfly.com

    Thank you for being who you are !
    Have a faery magical day!!!

    Ms. Butterfly

    • Hi Emily, thanks for connecting. What an awesome way you’ve found to make a living. You have to be magic to be able to connect with children like that. I love it. Thanks for sharing your page. I know it’s tough living this world sometimes, but don’t forget how important the work you are doing is, and hopefully it brings you the joy it brings to others. Much love. Xo Erin

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