Etheric Nanobots

I came up with the healing technique of using etheric nanobots with the faeries that I’m really excited to share with you. I came up with the idea of etheric nanobots after a long discussion I had with my friend Zoraah about etheric robots that she once encountered on a shamanic journey. After our conversation, it occurred to me I could use this “technology” in doing healing work on myself. I had a discussion with the faeries about my idea and they were very enthusiastic in me developing it and trying it on myself.

The purpose of etheric nanobots is to help us break down old patterns within ourselves that are no longer serving us. I think it’s safe to say that most have old patterns that we would like to break out of and change. One pattern that I really wanted to break out of and remove was my old habitual pattern of searching outward and looking to others for my sense of self-worth and happiness. I wanted to get rid of this pattern and replace with the new habit of looking inward to myself for my own self-worth.  Honestly, I have to say that I felt immediate results with this technique, and I feel my old habits have shifted quite dramatically.

Here is the technique:

  1. Decide which pattern you would like to have removed or changed.
  2. Close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes and clear your mind.
  3. Call upon the faeries to assist you in creating your etheric nanobot.
  4. Express to the faeries what pattern you would you like to be broken and ask them remove it for you using an etheric nanobot.  I prefer to express this in the form of a prayer, for example: “Divine Might I AM Presence, I request that faeries assist me in creating an etheric nanobot that will remove my old pattern of searching outwards to others for my sense of self-worth and happiness, and I request that they replace this pattern with a new sense of self-confidence and an increase in self-love. I request that this nanobot remove my old pattern swiftly, with ease and grace. Thank you it is done.” NOTE: It’s important to be specific and use clear language as to which pattern you would like removed.
  5. Visualize you and the faeries creating your etheric nanobot. Hold your hands out and imagine you and the faeries building this bot. It can be any shape, size, and colour you want it to be. I usually imagine it to be palm size, and then I shrink it down to the size of a pill. Once it is pill size, I then swallow the etheric nanobot.
  6. I express my gratitude to myself and to the faeries, I then visualize the etheric nanobot entering my body and I KNOW that it is doing its job right away.

The wonderful thing about this technique is that you can do it as many times as you want for any pattern you want to change. You can use it for anything you want to use it for. Explore and have fun with it!

The etheric nanobots can stay in your body for a long as you want and can be removed if and whenever you want them removed, all you have to do is ask and it will be gone. If it is no longer serving you, get rid of it!

I hope you find this helpful and of some benefit to you.

Much love,


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