Faerie Card Reading for the Week of January 2 – 8, 2017

Card: Listen to Your True Feelings – from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“This card means that someone might ask you to do something against your better judgement. You may be tempted to give in, to please the other person. You might worry that if you say no, the other person won’t like you anymore. But this card reminds you that it’s very important for you to listen to your true feelings before taking any action. You must choose for yourself what’s right and wrong.”

Message from the Faeries: This card is not only for this week, this card is also important to reflect upon for the rest of this year. 2017 is about coming into your own. It’s about coming into your own power and learning to listen to your guts and trusting your intuition. It will be vital for your well-being to be your own guide in life. 

There will be a few challenges in the next few days, in the next few weeks, in the next few months, and for the next year. These challenges are everything you can handle and manage. You’ve been working towards these challenges and moments your whole life. It’s what you are here for.  So don’t ever be afraid or worried. Everything is happening precisely as it’s suppose to happen, and the challenges your face are there to help your rise above and to shine. 

We can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to be true to yourself and that the best way to be yourself is to trust yourself and to listen to your intuition. When something doesn’t feel right, pay attention and listen to what your gut tells you to do. Sometimes you might even feel compelled to take action. It’s wise to follow through with this action if this is what your heart is telling your to do.  Be brave and do what is the right thing to do,  at every opportunity. 

You will be rewarded for your bravery!  You won’t necessarily be rewarded with money, fame or accolades, but that’s okay because this isn’t why you are being brave.  You are being brave for yourself, to be the person you are blossoming into. And you will reap what you sow with your authenticity.  

This week and this year will be full of opportunities, challenges and reward. When you see something that isn’t right, say something or do something about it. If someone asks you to do something that you know you shouldn’t d0, say no. When an opportunity arises that you’ve been waiting for and you know it’s right for you, don’t hesitate and say yes. 

Most importantly, remember to take action with love and compassion. Remember to be kind, always. Be patient with yourself and everyone else. Remember that there is no need to fight against something or someone. Be graceful and move with ease. Being forceful, angry, or acting out of hate will not do you or anyone any good. Be true to yourself and move through the world with dignity and respect for everyone you cross paths with. If they do no return the favour, forgive them and move on. 

We love you.

The Faeries


Faerie Card Reading for the Week of August 24 – 30, 2015

Card: Assertiveness – from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“One reason why the fairies are so happy is because they’re assertive with each other. This trait is very different from aggression, which denies the rights of others. Assertiveness, in contrast, honors everyone’s rights (including your own). Assertive people are easy to get along with because you always know where you stand with them.”

Message from the Faeries: Some people might think that when we talk about being assertive, we mean being bossy, demanding, pushy or a bully. This is most definitely not the case. When we ask you to be more assertive this week, we are asking you to assert yourself. To assert yourself means to be yourself no matter what. This week we are asking you to be yourself no matter what, even if it goes against the current. 

Some people are afraid to be themselves. Often this is because when they were younger they were either made fun of by their peers, or their parents told they were wrong all the time. This, is a rather sad thing that has happened to many of you in your life. We hope that you will collectively be able to break this pattern for all future humans. In the meantime, it will have to be up to you to break your own patterns of self-diminishing behaviours. 

Many of you have, literally, been dying inside to have a chance to shine and be your true selves. There is honestly no time like the present to start. Some of you will just dive right into this, while others will have to take babysteps. One of the first steps that you can take is to start saying ‘No’ to people. This is actually a pretty big step to take, but we know that you will end up really enjoying this one. At first it might feel really strange. Someone asks you to do a favour that you really don’t want to do: Say no! Just do it. If you start to feel bad, get over it! It’s okay to say no. You have every right in the world to not do something you don’t want to do. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s absolutely true. Some people might try telling you that everyone has to do things that they don’t want to do. To us, this is completely untrue and we see it as a lie that was sold to humans a long time ago.

Being assertive really just means just being your true self at all times. There is no need to hide behind a mask. Stop lying to yourself and your loved ones about who you really are. Of course, it might surprise some of your friends and family to see the real you, and it might even upset a few people. If you really think about it though, what is the long term cost of living a lie? If you took your last breath tomorrow, would you have any regrets in that moment? How is your health being affected by all your facades? You may discover, through the revealing of your true self, that most people in your life already knew who you really are all along. They always saw behind your act and knew your “true potential”. Those who can’t handle the truth, probably aren’t worth having around.

We hope that all of you spend this upcoming week exploring yourselves, and that you experiment with letting your masks down. Do whatever is within your comfort zone. Maybe you just spend the week saying no to people. Maybe you dress how you really love to dress, even if others might find it strange. Maybe you tell somone how you really feel when they say something that hurts you. Maybe you allow yourself to take some time off work and apply for jobs that you really want to be doing. Whatever it is you decide to do, have fun being you. You are amazing!

We love you,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 17th – 23rd, 2014

Card: Be Yourself – from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Be yourself

“You’re most powerful and effective when you’re genuine and authentic with yourself and others. If you pretend to feel, act, or be something other than yourself, you lose awareness of your feelings, which are a source of important guidance.”

Message from the Faeries: This week we would like to remind you that it is always okay, no matter what, to be yourself. Be yourself at all times. Be true to yourself no matter what. We know that this is often easier said then done. You sometimes want to hide yourself or your true feelings because you are afraid of what others might think of you, or you afraid of the consequences.

Here is the thing – not matter what you say or do, at any given moment, is going to result in an action or reaction. There is no possible way of avoiding this. Everything you say or do is going to cause a chain reaction of events to unfold. A simple example would be: You walk into a room, you pick up a tv remote, you turn the tv on, this causes a new source of light and sound to enter into the room, which captures your attention, then the tv show you watch is a sad story and then you cry. Every single thing you do creates a result. Even just breathing results in your very survival.

What is it that you are really afraid of? What is stopping you from feeling like you can’t be yourself? Who is stopping you from feeling like you can’t say or do as you feel you should? Without a doubt, we can say that the only person that is really stopping you from being yourself is you. Nobody has the right to stop you from expressing your true thoughts and feelings. Your fear comes from past experiences and the potential from them to reoccur. It’s true that you have no control over how people are going to react to what you say or do. This is our point. It doesn’t matter how people react. This might be really difficult for you to grasp. We understand that you don’t want to hurt anyone or upset somebody’s feelings. Please understand this: if you are being your true, authentic self, you are automatically coming from an honest place. You are coming from the heart, not from a place of fear.

It’s true that there still may be an uncomfortable fall-out as a result of you being your authentic self, and speaking your truth. Please know that this is okay. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable. It’s okay if other people are uncomfortable. These are signs. If you are around people who do not like your authentic self, then you are around people who are not in alignment with who you are or who you are becoming. It may be time to surround yourself with new friends or to place yourself in a different environment. It could also mean that there was some healing that needed to be done, and your words or actions have triggered this healing to begin. When people are forced to look at themselves as a result of your words, this can be a bit uncomfortable. This is their issue, not yours, but you may be able to assist them if both parties are willing. It could also mean that the people in your life are just not used to you being yourself and they may need some time to adjust to your changes. Try to be patient and give people the time and space they need to decide if they want to be with you. If they choose not to, then it’s time for both of you to move on. We know it can be challenging or painful to have to let go of people or situations, but when you are true to yourself, you will do whatever it takes to be in a place of love for yourself and others. You can only do this by being yourself.

This brings us to the most important part. Being yourself means being honest and loving towards yourself no matter what the cost. This is the greatest act of self-love. You are saying to the Universe that no matter what, you deserve love and respect. When you love and respect yourself, when you listen to your heart and allow it to be heard, you are sending out the most important message: I AM. I AM ME. I AM LOVE. This allows all of your prayers, intentions and words to carry across the heavens to be heard. You become in direct alignment with the divine. Your true self, no matter what, is your divine self. So tell us, who else would you want to be?

We love you.

The Faeries.

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