Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 24 – 30, 2018

Card: 27 Nelys the Alchemyst – from The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth.

“When Nelys turns up in your reading, get ready for things to happen, inwardly and outwardly. The stuck becomes unstuck; the block begins to move. You may have to run to keep up with the speed at which the situation around you is moving. You may also be surprised by the direction things (and you) are taking. You may find your plans, even your desires and dreams, changing as the transformative process takes place.”

Message from the Faeries: We hope you are ready because: shift happens! And things are about to take some interesting twists and turns over the next few weeks. The Equinox not only brought with it a change in season and weather, but it also stirred transformative winds that will blow all around you. But have no fears because you have all that you need to survive this storm. In fact, not only will you survive it, you will thrive in it.

Let these winds of change blow through you and uproot you out of your comfort zone. It’s time to get up and move around and let things happen. This current transformation that you are undergoing is absolutely major. We won’t lie, some of it might feel a bit uncomfortable and it’s going to hurt a little. You are being challenged right now, and some of you are feeling it on a deep cellular level. We promise that this is a very temporary stage you will have to endure. What’s about to pop off for you is well worth it.

We are so thrilled that Nelys has shown up for you this week. It means that you are finally ready to move forward and welcome some incredible things that are ready to come into your life. New situations, opportunities and people are lined up and ready to move in to your life. Ask Nelys to assist you in finding the strength and courage to open your heart and mind to allow these upcoming transmutations. Your world is about to get rocked! In all the best ways!

We love you,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 29th – October 5th, 2014

Card: Transformation – from The Faerie Guidance Oracle by Paulina Cassidy.


“The Faerie of Transformation glows, the light shifting and dancing upon her as she ushers in the recent metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a moth. Moths represent mystery and transformation, and are believed in many cultures to be spirits of the dead returning to earth as winged beings of beauty and freedom. Things in our lives that seemingly are dead or at a dead end need not always be cut away; sometimes they may be transformed into something that can live, and live better for us. The ever-changing trees and vines shown here will sometimes stagnate in their growth but when pruned at the right time and in a healthy way, new growth and healthier life will come.”

Message from The Faeries: This past week signaled a time of great transformation. Whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are experiencing the changes of Fall, or you live in the Southern Hemisphere and you are experiencing the new beginnings of Spring, The Equinox signifies that big changes are occurring not only in the external environment, but also in your internal environment. Everyone and everything is undergoing a great transformation at this time.

Of course you could say that everything is always changing at all times, and this is very true. The is a truer than true truth. Everything is always changing at all times. We could even make the argument that nothing is ever really stagnate, because stagnation in itself is just a very super slowed down transformation. Death itself is not an ending. Death is one of the eloquent forms of transformation, just as birth is one of the greatest sparks of life transformation. You would be very hard-pressed to show us any object or being and prove to us that it isn’t in some sort of form of transformation. No one or no thing is immune to the tides of change.

The thing about right now is that the process of change is sped up a little bit. Things are moving at a bit of a faster pace at the moment. When things are moving at this speed of change, you are able to notice the changes in your life that you may normally not pay attention to. With this burst of transformative energy occurring globally, we would encourage to harness this energy to your advantage.

This is the perfect time to change an unwanted, unhealthy pattern. Think of something that you’ve been wanting to change in your life and begin to take the steps needed to make the changes. For example, let’s say you want to start eating more healthy. This would be a good time to do a cleanse or a detox so that you can clean out your system of all the toxins, and then you can begin your new healthy eating patterns.

Right now, this week, would also be a good time to start a new project. Is there something you’ve been wanting to start but have been holding yourself back for some reason. This is an excellent time to work on this idea of yours. The energies that are happening right now will work in your favour and will help to propel you to an outcome you desire.

We hope you have a wonderful, joyful and transformative week.

We love you,

The Faeries


The Equinox – Tranformation


Today is the first day of the Fall Equinox, where I live. Autumn is my favourite season. I love watching all the plants and scenery change. I love watching all of the leaves turning colours and then falling from the trees. I love the smells that come with the leaves getting wet and decaying. It’s not a morbid thing, Fall. It’s just another part of our natural life cycle. Transformation.

Some plant life and some animals are in the process of dying right now. There are some plants and animals that going to sleep or are getting ready to hibernate. Generally speaking, things are slowing down a bit. The days are getting shorter – less sunlight. Our natural rhythms are changing as well. Because there is less and less sunlight in the day, we might find ourselves having less energy. We might find ourselves getting tired earlier in the day. Some of us might be hungrier than we usually are.  Fall brings with it many changes.

I love the feelings and sensations I experience during this season. I also know that with the changing of seasons come other big changes in my life. Instead of fighting these changes, I find it easier to just let go and enjoy the process. It’s quite natural after all!

There is also a New Moon right now, and so I think this is a really great opportunity to take some time to write down some things that I would like some assistance with letting go of, as well as writing down my gratitude for all of my abundance. I will also take the time to write down one of my heart’s desires, and make the effort to open up my life for it to arrive.

What will you do to celebrate this time of change?

Much love and many blessings to you,