In my skin
Swim to your harbour
Crawl out of the sea

Shed my skin
Walk your shores
Kelp for my dress

Hide my skin
Delight in sand between toes
Feel the salt dry

Lose my skin
Mourn on the rocks
Longing for home

Find my skin
Dive into the ocean
Once again free

Are you ready for your life to become more magical?

Today, on my walk to the gym, I was surprised when I heard the faeries ask me: Are you ready for you life to become more magical? My heart jumped for joy! ‘Yes I want my life to be more magical! Oh please, oh please, oh please!’ The faeries responded: Well, then just start to think about and believe how magical your life is, and so it will be. The possibilities are endless.”Ā 

Life really is quite magical….but I think it could use some more faerie dust, love, laughter and fun. I love miracles.

More magic please!