Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 1 – 7, 2018

Card: Ace of Wands – from the Circle of Life Tarot by Maria Distefano.

“Intuition is the sister of reason. Both must be developed without giving preference to one or the other.”

Message from the Faeries: While we find the words that come along with this card to be interesting, we would like to expand upon them by saying that intuition and reason are not a duality, they are bound together like this faerie and bird in the egg.

All great artists, writers, scientists, architects…anyone who creates something spectacular…doesn’t rely on just their intuition or just their reason, they rely on both, to execute their accomplishments. On top of using their skills and hard work, they are great alchemists that are able to create something fantastic using the magic of instincts and logic. Try to find the balance between of your ability to use reason and your ability see things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Trust in yourself! Think of the egg in this card to be the philosopher stone that will allow you to create the life you want for yourself, and to achieve your creative goals. You were born to do this. When you were a child, hatched out of this egg, you had the natural abilities to combine reason and intuition. This current reality you live in favours logic over gut instincts, and therefor most of you have a distrust in your sixth sense. When you learn to trust your instincts, you will accomplish many great things, and become the alchemists you were meant to be.

We love you,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of July 31 – August 6, 2017

Card: 6 The Lovers – from the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. 

“You are deserving of magical and long-lasting love! The fairies champion romance and deeply felt friendships for everyone. This card indicates that you are about to enter into a significant relationship in your life. If you are already in one, this card signals that positive changes are possible at this time and should be pursued. The kind of romance that comes with this card is powerful and often has a past-life connection.”

Message from the Faeries: Hooray for Love! We love Love! We hope that you love Love too! If there is one that that all of you could use right now, it’s some good old fashioned loving. 

As you know, there are all kinds of types of love. The type of love we are talking about this week is a deep soul love. Have you ever met someone and you just felt so deeply connected with them right away, like you’ve known them forever? When you feel that way, that person is from your soul family. You will meet a few members of your soul family in your life. Sometimes they are lovers, family or friends.

This week you will either reconnect with someone from your soul family or you will meet someone new with whom you will instantly connect with on a deep level. If you’ve been praying to meet someone and fall in love, we hope you are ready to meet the love of your life because that’s who’s waiting to come your way. Are you ready for a deep soul connection? Are you ready for true love? Are you ready to meet one of the bestest friends you’ll ever have?  

You deserve love. You deserve to be loved. 

We love you, 

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of December 19 – 25, 2016

Card: King of Autumn – from the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. 

“The King of Autumn sits on his throne, with fully mature grapes hanging all around him. The grapes symbolize the abundance he has created, while the German shepherd at his side reflects his ability to safeguard his prosperity.”

Message from the Faeries: The Faerie King of Autumn has shown up to help you celebrate the end of Autumn, the end of the year, and the beginning of Winter. He’s here to eat, drink and be merry with you. Even though he is the hardest working kings in the Faeries Realm, he still knows when it’s time to look back on all the hard work and celebrate a job well done. 

The king has come to the party this week to point out all of your achievements for the past year, and to remind you of all your accomplishments. He doesn’t want you to feel that the hard work you did all year was all for naught. There is a reason and purpose for everything you did this year. This includes all of your actions, thoughts and feelings. Every little thing has brought you to this moment and it is now time to reflect. It’s very important to reflect and to celebrate. 

The King of Autumn says: “I know that this year has been very difficult for most of you, but please do not lose heart. Remember all the small victories and all the happy moments that you had. Even though it has felt like an upward battle, you are always winning. It might not look like it, or feel like it, but you are always winning. All your hard work has and will come to fruition, but remember that it victory comes in ways that you may not expect.”

This week is about having fun and celebrating. It’s time to start putting 2016 behind you, and it’s time to put down your sword and savour all your small victories. If you have people to celebrate with, then celebrate together. If you have no one to celebrate with, then remember that you are never truly alone. We are here to celebrate with you. us faeries always love a good party. Also, you are never alone because we are all One. 

We are all Won. 

We love you. 

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of May 2 – 8, 2016

Card: Creative Expression – from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“Your creative expression doesn’t need to be skillful or perfect. In fact, the most therapeutic types of creative activities allow you to “paint outside the lines.” In other words, don’t worry about whether your creative project is perfect or marketable. Let go of all goals and judgements, and instead, create with childlike exuberance. Enjoy!”

Message from Erin: I was just thinking earlier today about how I would really like to write a poem. I have no idea what the poem will be about. In fact, I hardly know anything about writing poetry. I just thought to myself: I want to write a poem. I had a moment afterward where I said to myself: but what if I’m a terrible poetry writer and someone will read it and laugh. The Faeries response: Who cares! 

I had another thought today about how I really wish I had kept doing art after high school. I was never particularly great at it, but I really enjoyed it. It made me feel good and it was a great creative outlet. I also used to do pottery, and I was thinking of taking a pottery class this summer if I could. I really want to throw some clay on the wheel again. 

It doesn’t really matter if what I produce in art has any value to anyone else. That’s really not the point. Art, in whatever form, is a way to express a part of ourselves that needs to get out. Of course it’s nice if other people like it, but ultimately it’s something that we do for the soul. It’s a way that we can fly without wings. 

I was thinking about scientists recently, and the process of coming up with theories and new ideas. It occurred to me that a lot of scientists are actually very creative people. I think it requires a very big imagination and the use of intuition to figure out how things work, or how to make a new invention. It’s really quite remarkable. 

The Faeries would really love us to make time in our lives to express ourselves creatively. Whatever works for you: drawing, painting, singing, poetry, dancing….it doesn’t matter what you choose, just so long as it’s something you enjoy doing. It’s a great form of therapy and a way to release emotions. It’s essential for our well-being. 

I hope you all make time for yourselves to be creative. 

Lots of love, 

Erin (and the Faeries) 

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7 Card Romance Tarot Reading

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Erin’s readings were both informative and empowering. She offered very detailed and well understood messages from the cards and seemed to offer much insight to my situations, of which I had shared very little with her.
She is clearly a very gifted woman, beyond capable of guiding us through use of the cards, but also very willing to offer light and love through her decks as well.
Should you have the opportunity to have a reading from her, be sure to do so! You will be pleasantly surprised and grateful for the sharing of her gifts.
Much love and blessings to you Erin!”
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Taking Responsibility and Owning My Feelings

purple fairy

This life. This life is such an incredible journey. How blessed am I to be here right now? I am so full of gratitude right now for my life. Just for simple being alive and for all of my life experiences. I find myself feeling more gratitude then ever these days. Even though lately I’ve been have been going through a very rough patch with my job, I am still grateful that I have a job that allows me to take time off when needed, and has great benefits.

One of the things that I am most grateful for these days is that I feel I am becoming more and more honest with myself. It never occurred to me that I was dishonest person, until the last couple of years where I have had to really face that fact that I had created situations in my life that were incredibly unhealthy. I was lying to myself before. I used to blame everything on everyone else. I wasn’t able to see that I helped create these relationships and situations. I would play the victim. It’s still an ongoing process, but I can say that it’s been quite the journey that will never end. The thing I am learning about being honest with myself is that it’s like an onion. Once you shed one layer of lies, there is another one right underneath. It brings new meaning to the expression: You can never be too honest.

It’s quite humbling to realize that I have a long journey ahead of me. Perhaps this sounds daunting, but it really isn’t. This is quite simply life. I am always taking new roads on this journey, and I will forever be learning about myself. It’s my favourite pursuit! I don’t mean this in an egotistical way, but I suppose the ego will always be involved on some level, haha.

The thing is, once I think I have it all figured out, a new situation arises that forces me to look at something about myself that I did not notice before. For example, for most of my life I bottled up my anger. When I got angry with someone I would not say a word and I would keep it all inside. Sometimes the bottle would become uncorked and I would end getting really upset with the person and telling them how I felt, but usually I would just keep it all inside. Then I went through phase where I tried to communicate how I was feeling with that person in a loving and gentle way. This went alright sometimes, but I felt that there was still anger there and I was not permitting myself to be authentic. I don’t think it’s okay to be abusive towards people, but I now feel like it’s okay to let people when you are angry. Even just saying “I’m angry right now,” really makes everything so much better for myself. I am not telling a person that they are making me angry, I am not getting angry at the person, I am just simply owning my anger. I will no longer pretend to be something I am not.This goes with all my wide spectrum of emotions.

Interestingly, I find it most challenging and vulnerable to tell someone that I love them or the joy that I feel when I spend time with them. It’s kind of unfortunate that this is the most challenging thing for me to express, but this comes from years of situations that were unhealthy. I am working on it, and I am quite optimistic that I am feeling more comfortable being vulnerable. It’s a bit of a slow process, but I’m okay with that. I think being gentle with myself is the key here.

I had this misconception that if I meditated all the time, if I read spiritual books every day, if I prayed all the time, if ate a special diet and if I listened to inspirational teachings on the regular, that I would become this super positive and happy person that would radiate light all the time and make everyone feel special and happy. Well, that really hasn’t been working out for me. That’s maybe just not the person that I am. Self-acceptance is so important to me right now. It’s a big part of being honest with myself. I experience pretty much the whole gambit of emotions on any given day, and that’s just fine by me. No more suppressing these feelings. They have to move and flow.

I used to have this idea that a healer or light-worker had to be a certain way. I’m starting to understand that everyone is a healer  and a light-worker in their own unique way and that there is no model to follow. Everyone is drawn to who they are meant to be interacting with at any given moment. If you find yourself attracting unhealthy people or situations in your life, it’s important to take responsibility for that and to understand why this is happening. Sometimes the answer is difficult to digest, but it’s certainly worth chewing on.

When I don’t like what I am creating in my life, or I don’t like how I am feeling, I do my best to take action right away. A part of this process for me has become allowing myself to express my emotions, hopefully in a healthy manner. This release allows me to move forward and onto a different feeling. When I don’t like a situation I find myself in, I now give myself permission to remove myself from it. Perhaps I helped create it, but that doesn’t mean I have stay in it.  Also, it’s been super important for me to learn that I don’t have to stay in relationships and friendships that are unhealthy or abusive.

This life is truly amazing, and I can’t wait to look back on this in a year from now and find myself in a totally different place.

Happy travels everyone!

xo Erin

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 10th – 16th, 2014

Card: Focus – from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


“Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Guard your thoughts carefully, because they create your experiences.”

Message from The Faeries: This week we have a very simple request for you: Stay focused. Keep your thoughts and prayers focused on all the things you are trying to create for yourself right now. Be very mindful. Be careful to not let your negative thoughts get carried away this week. Keep your thoughts positive. Please be very diligent about this. Whenever a negative thought comes up, don’t hold on to it, just let it go. Give your negative thoughts away to us, and we will take care of disposing of them for you. After a negative thought has passed, replace it with a prayer and positive thoughts. Keep doing this all week.You are so close to bringing in some amazing things this week, and the only thing that will hold you back is yourself. This is why it is so important that you be mindful and focused on your goals this week.

The other thing that we would highly recommend is that you be mindful and careful of who you share your dreams and goals with. Do not let one single person interfere with your dreams coming true. If you happen to mention one of your goals to someone and they say something negative about your goals, ask us to cancel their thoughts and words and to keep them away from your dreams. Do not hold on to other people’s words and actions. Mind yourself and your own thoughts. If you can avoid sharing your goals and aspirations this week, this would be best. These are your dreams, and no one else’s.

Every day, spend at least 15 minutes putting some physical action into making your dreams come true. This includes writing about your dreams and aspirations, going out and buying materials for a project, or sitting down and making an object that represents your goal. Whether it’s writing in your journal, doing a ceremony or making a dream board, you should spend time each day this week working towards your goals. Prayers and thoughts go a very long way, and can make your dreams come true, but bringing it into the physical realm will make it happen even faster.




We love you,

The Faeries

Message from Erin: A friend of mine once told me about a great exercise in manifestation that her teacher, Sonia Choquette, told her. When you plant the seeds of your dreams into the garden of your mind, be sure to place a fence of protection around your dreams. Don’t let other people walk all over your precious dream garden, and only share that space with people you really trust. How can  the seeds in your garden grow into something if you let people walk all over it? Happy gardening! xo Erin

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Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 15th – 21st, 2014

Card: Kali (Endings and Beginnings) – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“I sing praises to those whose hearts accept the universal order, which only appears to be chaotic and ever-changing. In actuality, everything is designed down to the smallest detail, to be in perfect operation. The dance of the universe is a happy one, with energy swirling and twirling in a never-ending celebration of life itself.”

Message from The Faeries: This week, the powerful goddess Kali appears for you to remind you once again to trust in the processes that are occurring right now. Even though things may seem to be crazy, chaotic, and heading south, everything is going to work out just fine.

Perhaps one of the reasons why everything seems so difficult is because you are having a hard time letting go of people, situations or places that are no longer serving you. The Universe is trying to conspire to bring new and wonderful things into your life, but you haven’t made the space in your life for these things to happen, so the Universe is helping to pull you away from the old and push you into the new.

It’s completely natural to find change difficult. Funnily enough, it’s most difficult when your life is bringing in all these new and wonderful things. This is because it can be so challenging to break old patterns and to truly leave unhealthy situations or relationships.

This week is a great opportunity to finally say goodbye and let go of something you’ve been wanting to change or move away from in your life, and to make space for something new. Take a few moments and really think about what you need to move forward from, make the change, and never look back. Great things are coming your way, so it’s to make some room in your life for greatness.

We love you,
The Faeries


Faerie Card Reading for the Week of June 9th – 15th, 2014

Card: Problem Resolved from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


“An issue that’s been bothering you is being healed behind the scenes. The solution is creative, ingenious, and is a joyous surprise for you.”

Message from The Faeries: There are lots of wild energies flying about at the moment. Some of you have been experiencing things on a very intense level lately. Lots of highs and lows, and it all seems to be happening all at once. It’s hard to tell head from tails these days. We’d like to tell you that things are going to calm down this week, but that just isn’t the case. Things are going to continue being intense for just a little while longer.

There is really good news to come out of all of this. The first bit of good news is that a lot of you are working on some really major issues right now, and most of you are going to nail this one. Things seem like a bit of struggle at the moment, but you are actually doing really great and we are so happy to see so many you choosing to work on your unhealthy patterns right now. You are making great changes in your life and that is really difficult. You will soon find that you no longer find it challenging and it will be smooth sailing.

The other bit of good news, for those of you who are feeling hopeless and lots at the moment, there will soon be resolutions to some of the major issues that you are facing right now. If you are having trouble at your job, there will be some good news there. If you are having some conflicts in some of your relationships, expect there to be miraculous changes. If you are having financial problems, expects some surprise cash flow. Whatever the problem is, there is no point in you stressing out about it anymore. Just let go and let us help you. Give us your problems and we will bring you solutions. You just have to let go and trust. Help is on the way!

Instead of focusing on all the negative and hectic things that are going on around you – especially the things that you really don’t have any control over – just focus on the small things that bring you joy and happiness to your day to day life. Make sure you are giving yourself the much needed time-outs. Be sure to take care of your body – eat well, do some exercise and get the right amount of sleep. Try to do something creative for even just a couple of minutes every day. You take care of yourself, and we will take care of the rest.

So, let go of your worries and problems and expect miracles.

We love you,

The Faeries