Faerie Card Reading for the Week of December 10 – 16, 2018

Card: Spiritual Gifts – Archangel Raziel – from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray.

“Your spiritual gifts and talents are starting to come into alignment at this time. Whether you realize it or not, you have the special ability to inspire others through your own personal achievements, goals and lessons. Ask yourself how you can pass on any of your lessons to others in a gentle and supportive way. Also, be aware as your psychic and intuitive abilities are strengthening – the Angels are preparing your energy to help you share.”

Message from the Faeries: Some of you might be wondering what exactly a spiritual gift is. We believe that all of you possess unique qualities that provide you with the ability to help yourself and others. These remarkable healing qualities that all of you possess are your spiritual gifts.

Sometimes you might feel out of touch with your healing gifts. You might feel a lack of connection to yourself, others, or the world around you. It’s natural to go through phases in your life where you feel out of touch with your intuition or empathy. The world you live in can be quite overwhelming, and it’s normal to want to disconnect and retreat from it for a while.

There is a high demand, at this very moment, for you to open yourself up, even just a little bit, and extend your healing gifts. If not for others, then for yourself. Whether it’s just sitting and listening to someone tell you their stories, or giving some loving advice to a friend, or maybe it’s just sitting quietly with yourself in silent meditation, or praying for world peace. Whatever your calling is, please take some time this week and reach out with your gifts. Everyone really needs it right now, and so do you.

If you don’t feel safe reaching out to others, or being a support to anyone, then just be there for yourself. Either way, the universe will support you. There is no cause for worry of harm. If you follow your inner guidance, you will be lead to where you need to be. A little prayer will go a long way. Remember that there is always a light shining, and the light comes from you.

Sending you all our love.

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of May 14 – 20, 2018

Card: Immortal Treasures – from the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

“Within you are precious immortal treasures, gifts of you soul, which include the ability that you have to transmit healing. Honour yourself as a healer. Whether formally or informally, your soul brings special healing light to humanity. You have divine support in your role as a healer, in whatever way, usual or highly unusual, that is unfolding for you now. “

Message from the Faeries: We chose the Mother Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin, to deliver you this week’s message. Kuan Yin says: “You all have the gifts of healing. Each and everyone one of you. Some of you already know how you can heal yourself and others. Some of you are just discovering what it means to be a healer. Some of you still do not understand what it means. Regardless, now is the time that everyone will be called upon to bring their healing gifts to the world.”

From our perspective, there is nothing that any of you have to try or do to be a healer. Quite sincerely, just be you and keep doing your thing. Don’t stress about being a healer. You will come about healing in your own way when that time is right. Just be yourself. Keep doing you.

What does a healer look like? Anyone! Everyone! You all get presented with opportunities to heal yourself or others. Healing can come many shapes or forms: kind words, a smile, a laugh, and tear from empathy. It is a pure act of love that comes from the heart. This act of love assists others to move forward on their journey.

We love you,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of February 19 – 25, 2018

Card: 15 ‘AWA (The Kava Plant) Offering/Sacrifice – from the Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom by Catherine Kalama Becker, Ph.D. and Doya Nardin.

“‘Awa teaches that to avoid bitterness it is important to examine your perceptions regarding giving and receiving. With regard to giving, you may want to examine whether you are giving freely or giving with the expectation of getting something back. This distinction also applies to offering an opinion. Sometimes it is important to speak your truth without expecting another to respond as you think they should.”

Message from the Faeries: Even though the kava plant can taste so bitter, it has amazing healing properties. Sometimes the healing journey can a bitter one. When you are healing yourself, you sometimes remember all the pain and trauma you endured. These memories can bring up feelings of anger and resentment. You may also feel anger and resentment when you give people gifts, praise or affection and they give you nothing in return.

Whatever is the root of your trauma and feelings of hurt, there is one commonality: they are the result of situations in your life where you had unmet expectations. You wanted to receive something in return for the gift you gave – whether you wanted it then or later. You expected love in return for the love you gave. You desperately hoped that because you trusted someone that they would honour that trust you had in them.

This week, when you find yourself giving to others, pay attention to the motives and feelings behind what you offer. You could be giving someone a gift, or it could be your time and energy. Whatever it is you gift to others, we suggest you try to only extend yourself freely. Try to give only when you feel like it, and only when you expect nothing in return. Try your best! It can certainly be a challenge to be so honest with yourself and others, but you might find it to be a habit worth adopting. You may also want to try doing the same exercise with receiving as well. What are genuinely willing to receive from others?

We love you,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of January 8 – 14, 2018

Card: Freedom – from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“The angels guide you to freely express your true thoughts and feelings with love.”

Message from the Faeries: Last week we spoke about the importance of being balanced in all aspects of your life. Finding balance will help you to cope with the significant changes that will be happening in your life. This week we want to talk to you about Freedom.

Freedom is a very interesting topic for us. We believe that everyone is free and has the ability to choose to do however they wish. However, your reality is not the same as ours. We have observed that you do not have the free will that we believe that you have. You have many limitations in your life. Limitations that make you unable to be truly free.

We don’t want to go too in depth on the topic of Freedom at the moment, but we what we would like to offer to you is one particular observation: you censor and stifle yourself a lot all time. You hold yourself back, which is a way of denying yourself Freedom, when you don’t express your feelings and emotions, which leads to your own suffering.

There are many reasons that you hold yourself back: you don’t want to hurt other people; you don’t feel safe expressing emotions; you worry about what other people might say or think. These are all valid fears, but we want to encourage you to be a bit more brave. Try expressing yourself a little more. The secret is to move past fear and come from a place of love. The fear is what is the real block. Love is the only way to get to that place to feel safe to express yourself, because when you are in a place of love you are then free to be open and true.

The heart is what will heal anything.

We love you,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 9 – 15, 2017

Card: VI The Lovers – from the Tarot Del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo.

“Love, beauty, unanimity, trists overcome, confidence, beginning of a possible romance, infatuation, tendency towards optimism, letting oneself go, the necessity of testing  or subjecting to trial, struggle between sacred and profane love, putting to the proof, yearning.”

Message from the Faeries: This week, it’s all about love. For those of you who are single and are hoping to meet someone, and for those who are wanting romance in your life, this week will present you with an opportunity. If this is what you really want in your life right now, then pay close attention to signs being given to you and listen tonyour intuition. If you feel compelled to go somewhere or do something, then you should follow your instincts. 

We would like to take this time to tell you that you are all surrounded by love, all the time. If you are feeling a lack of love right now, then you are not paying attention to the love that is there for you at all times. It means you’ve closed yourself off to love that is always there. Open yourself up and be vulnerable. Let the love in. 

Please don’t forget this you are made of love. You don’t even have to look outside for love, all you could possibly need is within. Give yourself some love you deserved it. 

And this is our other message for this week – you all deserve love. Every single one of you. No exception. You all deserve to be have love. You all deserve to be loved. You all deserve to give love too. We hope you take this to heart. 

We love you, 

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 18 – 24, 2017

Card: Ixchel – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

“Commanding power is not the same as demanding it. Demanding comes from a childlike place akin to a tantrum, based upon the fear that it might be withheld. Commanding is based upon the fear the sure a steady knowledge that you are part of the Great Spirit’s grace and wisdom. You’re a lightening rod that can conduct the power.”

Note from Erin: I’ve been sick for the last 5 days, and today I’ve been feeling like a little kid wanting to throw a big tantrum. I had a pretty good laugh when I pulled this card – those rascal Faeries teasing me.  It brings up a question for me: how do I conjure up a commanding energy for healing when I’m feeling so rotten? I really just feel sorry myself right now and I feel entitled to feeling better, lol.

Message from the Faeries: When you are not in a good place – when you are feeling down, unhappy or unwell – it can be difficult to be at a place of grace and dignity. When you are suffering, it is not easy to feel safe or be from a place of gratitude. When you are sick, it’s hard to see yourself as the healer. 

Even when you are not feeling healthy, you are still the healer. You just have to find that space where you can calm your mind, and relax your soul. When you find the inner peace, you can find the grace to accept the healing into your life. Being in a relaxed and calm state will allow you to be in a place of acceptance: you are sick today, but it doesn’t mean you will be sick forever. This is where you are now, today. Be in the moment. 

You can command healing for yourself and others when you trust and know that everything is happening in the moment, now, for a reason. It is all part of your journey. Sickness and health are all part of the ride. Try to relax and enjoy the whole thing – not just the parts you think are good – it is all good whether  you know it or not. 

We love you, 

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 24 – 30, 2016


Card: Healing, Healed, Healer – from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“The situation you’re inquiring about is healing.  Your prayers have been heard and are being answered at this very moment. You have healing abilities that you can use for the benefit of this situation, as well as to help other people heal.”

Message from the Faeries: Being in the middle of a healing, in the process of being healed, while performing the task of being a healer. Healing, healed and healer are not things that you do at different times. You are often doing all three at once. You don’t have to be healed to become a healer, and you can still be healing yourself while healing others. Truthfully, there is no real separation between the acts of healing, being healed or being a healer.

This week you are definitely wearing all three hats. There is a massive healing energy that is surrounding the planet right now. There is always healing around you, but right now there are other beings who are visiting from far away that are hear to assist in some global healing. Not only are your ancient ancestor here to assist in healing right now, there are beings from other dimensions and universes who have come to help. Maybe this sounds a bit intense, but this sort of things happen from time to time.

Why is all this healing energy happening right now? There are some major changes that are happening right now on your planet and there are some things that are lining up in the future that require all of you healers to be strong and ready, so that you can assist others, and so that you can take care of yourself. This healing that is happening is strong, powerful and life changing. It can be intense and might feel a little extreme, but this healing will aid you in your ongoing transformation.

We sincerely wish that you all open your hearts to receive these healing energies this week. They will help you in ways that you could never imagine. Now is the time for miracles to take place. Now is the time for the unimaginable to happen. The only limitations are the ones that you create for yourself. While the future may feel a bit frightening, you really have nothing to fear. You have asked for assistance, and it has come in many shapes or forms to help you at this time.

We love you,

The Faeries

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Faerie Card Reading for the Week of July 4 – 6, 2016

Card: Four of Winter – from the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. 

 “There’s great power in quieting your mind through meditation or taking a break. Solutions that previously eluded you because you overthought them can suddenly become crystal clear. If you’re facing a challenge at this time, take this card as your sign that you need to stop thinking about it for now. “

Message from the Faeries: It may seem a bit strange to see a Winter card appear in Summer, but sometimes we need a reminder from a different time. Winter teaches you to get lots of rest and to slow down. Summer is a time of high energy where everything passes by quickly. We urge you to slow down and savour the Summer instead of being so busy.

Sometimes when things move quickly, it’s easy to get caught up in drama or to get carried away when emotions run high. This is another reason to slow down. You will enjoy summer so much more if you take it easy. Rest and relax. 

It is also very important that you spend a lot of time outdoors. Go for a meandering walk through a forest, or take a leisurely walk on the beach. Take a nap outdoors if you can. Go camping and sleep under the stars. The fresh air and nature will help relax you and heal you. Being in nature is a balm for the soul. 

Summer is a time to bask in the glory of nature and enjoy all that it has to offer. Think of all the fruit and berries that are sitting in the sun, getting ripe. Imagine yourself to be like this fruit, getting sweet and juicy, just right for the picking. The fruit just hangs there and lets the sun do it’s job. The sun nurtures and gives you energy. So, recharge those batteries this week and take it easy. 

We love you. 

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of July 27 – August 2, 2015

Card: Healer – from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“By drawing this card, you’re asked to trust your power to heal. It isn’t you alone doing the healing work: Being a healer means that you’re open to Divine love coming through you – and also through people, animals, or situations that can benifit from this love. Ask your angels to help with your healing work. They can answer your questions, help you with classes, and guide your healings.”

Message from the Faeries: We would like to talk you about being a healer. The first thing we would like to say about being a healer is that every single human being is a healer, or at least has the potential to be one. There is no exceptions to this. 

Secondly, you don’t have to believe in angels, God, or even us for that matter, to be a healer. You don’t have to believe in anything to be a healer. A healer is actually one of the most basic things that a human can be. It’s one of those things that you are all talented and gifted at. 

The thing is, you don’t have to be a doctor, a nurse, a massage therapist or even a Reiki Master to be a healer. You don’t even have to physically touch someone to assist in their healing. The basic aspect of being a healer is you are present in the moment to sit with person who is suffering. You just have to be there for them when they want help.

The two key elements to a healing are: that the person who is suffering, whether it be in physical or emotional pain, is wanting help; that you are able to be present with them in their moment of need. 

There is no magic or great mystery in healing. You all have done it, usually just following your own natural instinct. You gave that person a hug when they really needed it. You sat and listened to your friend in a desperate moment. You put your hand on someone’s head when they had a headache. You massaged your aching shoulder. You were present in the moment and your did what you needed to do. 

This week, like all weeks, is about you being present with yourself and others. If you are paying attention, you will soon realize that you are always being presented with opportunities to assist in healing yourself and others. Go ahead and rise to the occasion. 

We love you,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of December 29th, 2014 – January 4th, 2015

Card: Dietary Change – from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


“You drew this card because of your requests for help with your life’s purpose and in awakening your spiritual gift of clairvoyance. The fairies say that your body’s metabolism is extremely sensitive. They’ve been guiding you to switch to a healthier diet, but you have not heard or trusted this message. So the fairies now bring you this card to validate that you’re hearing them correctly. As you improve your diet so do you heal other areas of your life.”

Message from The Faeries: Erin says that it’s a bit annoying and cliche that we chose this card for you this week. We appreciate her sentiment, but the truthfully this card is intentional for all of you this week. As you are probably well aware, January 1st is coming up this week. This day is the beginning of the New Year in many cultures around the world. Many of you observe this day in some form or another, so it has energetically become a very significant day.

As you find yourself entering the year 2015, we would like for you to really put some thought into what kind of life you would like to have for yourself this year. What kind of life would you like to create for yourself? When you look back at 2015, how do you want your story to have read? It would be prudent of you to really spend the first part of the week to set some important goals for yourself for 2015. You can even begin to take the next step and start putting your dreams into action.

It’s very important that you start 2015 off knowing that is a fresh start. Leave 2014 behind you. If you want, you can spend a few days before the new year going over the past year and remembering all the hard lessons you learned, but you will begin 2015 with a clean slate. What better way to start a new chapter in your life then with a clear body and a clear mind. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through meditation, diet and exercise.

We realize that you all have different bodies that work very uniquely from one another, and we would never make a broad sweeping dietary statement for that could apply to everyone. We highly recommend that you go see a nutritionist, naturopath or healer that you trust to put you on the right track on what is best for you. You may want to investigate further by going to see an ayurvedic doctor or a chinese medicine doctor. Your body is a complex entity that is special to you. Ultimately you know what is best for your body. What messages has your body been trying to send you? Has it been asking you to eat less meat? Has been begging you to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables?

We hate to break it you, but you really are what you eat. Really think about that. What have you been putting into your body? If you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, think about all the bright colours and tastes. Plants are medicine. All of them. So when you eat lots of plant foods, you will naturally feel much better.These foods will help clear your mind. Of course, your body needs fats and proteins as well. One thing that we can promise you is that your body absolutely does not need refined sugars. It’s okay to have on very rare occasions as a very special treat, but we would say that would be once or twice a year. If you can completely cut it out of your life, even better.

Start the year off on the right foot by eating the most healthy and nutritious food you can think of and by getting lots of exercise. Start your days off by meditating for at least 5 minutes. We know that you all want to have an amazing 2015, so why not start it off on the best note possible. Celebrate the coming of the new year with healthy choices, and this will set the tone for your year to come.

We wish you all the best for the year 2015.

We love you,

The Faeries

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