Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 20 – 26, 2017

Card: Queen of Cups – from The Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson. 

“A fair young woman wearing a crown walks amid the lotuses of Isis and streams of water. To her right is an ibis and behind her is a cup from which issues a crayfish representing Cancer. Meanings: Imaginitive. Poetic. Kind. Coquettish. Good-natured.”

Message from the Faeries: The Queen of Cups, or rather the Queen of Water, has come to you this week to help you celebrate the beginning of Spring. Such a magical time of year that it only seems right that royalty should show up to help everyone usher in the changes. She has come to remind you of the sacredness around the changing of the seasons. 

None of your ancestors took the coming of Spring in a casual way. They observed it and celebrated it wholeheartedly. There are countless traditions that have evolved and changed over time, but the meaning is still there at the heart of it. It’s only been in the last 100 years or so that we have witnessed some of you losing touch with the spirits of the seasons, as you have become more disconnected with Nature. 

This time of year is so precious and beautiful.  The ground begins to thaw and the ice and snow melts. The waters begin to rise and flow. The birds begin to sing all day. The trees are budding. The flowers are starting to come out. Animals come out or hibernation and begin their mating rituals. Everything is coming to life again.

As you are also part of the natural world, you will also be greatly affected by the Spring. You start to feel more energetic. You will regain that sparkle in your eye. You will get a bit of bounce to your step. The smells, sights and sounds will entice you. Embrace the magic of Spring. If you feel inspired, please don’t hesitate to hold your own festivities.  We will bless it and shower you with gifts. What is the point of life if it is not filled with joy and celebration, and what better thing to celebrate than Life itself? 

We love you! 

The Faeries