Faerie Card Reading for the Week of June 15-21, 2015


Card: Pay Attention to the Red Flags – from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“A ‘red flag’ is a sign that something is off. It can include an indication of dishonesty, disrespect, flirtatiousness with others, substance abuse, or lack of integrity. While your new love interest may treat you wonderfully will in the beginning of your relationship, it’s vital that you watch how he or she talks and acts with restaurant staff, valet- parking parking attendants, and other miscellaneous individuals.”

Message from Erin: I had a chuckle when the Faeries guided me to pick a card for us from this deck today. Last night I had a dream that I met this really cool guy and we really hit it off. There was a lot of chemistry and instant physical attraction between us. I was really into him, but all my friends were clearly not into him and didn’t want me to date him. This was clearly a red flag in my dream. I was so blinded by my intense feelings, and I couldn’t understand why my friends didn’t like him.

When I woke up, I really had to think about why I was unable to understand why I couldn’t see the red flags with this man in my dream. Yes there was chemistry and good feelings, but my loved ones didn’t approve and he was obsessed with marijuana (which I also consider a red flag).

It’s so interesting to think about. I have ignored red flags my whole life. My huge blindspot with people is, well, people. I always see the best in people which a blessing for the most part, but my trusting nature has prevented me from paying attention to the red flags. I’m pretty sure I am not unique in this regard.

This is a great card for this week. As we work to manifest the things we desire into our lives, sometimes we make the mistake of grabbing the first opportunity that comes our way. Sometimes we settle on something even though it’s not quite what we really want. We can willfully ignore the warning signs or our gut instincts. We doubt ourselves.

Perhaps we ignore the warning signs because we secretly think we don’t deserve any better, or maybe we have simply grown accustomed to just taking that first thing that comes our way because we have a culture of convenience. Regardless of the why do this, the Faeries are reminding us to be true to ourselves. 

Don’t settle for second best. Ignore the red herrings that life throws your way. Stick to your vision of the life you want, of the kind of relationships you want, and be true to your dreams. Only take the best that the Universe has to offer you. You deserve it. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

I love you.