Me and the Moon


Over the last year or so it has been brought to my attention that I am emotionally influenced by the Moon. I’m not saying that I blame the moon for my emotions. I just see a very distinct pattern and a strong correlation between my emotional body and the lunar calendar.

I am wondering how many have you have also noticed a correlation between how you feel and what phase the Moon is in.

My pattern seems pretty set. A few days leading up to the full moon I often feel a bit tired and emotional. Sometimes I feel quite melancholy and sad during this time, I also become more introverted and reflective. I would rather be alone and inside during this time, and I also am more prone to emotional eating. Then on the day of the full moon I tend to feel a bit energized and I feel more alert than usual. I also feel like everyone around me is acting a little out of character – but maybe it’s me, haha! Usually a day or two later my menstrual cycle starts and I feel a bit sick and tired for a day or two and then I feel fine. Gradually as the moon wanes, I become more energized and I start to feel really great and I have more energy. By the new moon I feel really good – grounded and centered and quite on top of my game. Then as the moon waxes I gradually become less energetic, and thus begins the cycle again.

It seems like it is quite natural to be influenced by the moon. I mean, the ocean’s tides are affected by the waxing and waning of the moon. Our body is made up of mostly water. Perhaps that isn’t very scientific reasoning, but it makes sense to me. I am wondering though, if I could perhaps find better ways of coping with this pattern. For example, when I am feeling more tired and emotional, maybe if I stopped eating junk food during this time, I would probably feel a lot better.

How does the Moon influence you?

It’s the Pink Moon in a couple of days. I hope we all have clear skies to enjoy the beauty of the Moon.

Much love,