Blue Fae Tidings

The dreamer has yet to sleep
Awake waiting for sweet slumber

Eyes growing heaving
Once again wide open

The blue messenger made of ether
Swirls and dances before the dreamer

This is no dream
No figment of the imagination
This is a divine delivery
A divine intervention

The blue messenger brings good tidings
A note from above
The future holds excitement for you
It has been written

Be ready
Be prepared
Be calm

Who is this sweet blue messenger?
What is thy name?
The answer is a delicious whisper
That holds no truth

Blessing to you Blue Fae
May your name remain thine own
Yours to keep for eternity
Your gifts cherished forever



In my skin
Swim to your harbour
Crawl out of the sea

Shed my skin
Walk your shores
Kelp for my dress

Hide my skin
Delight in sand between toes
Feel the salt dry

Lose my skin
Mourn on the rocks
Longing for home

Find my skin
Dive into the ocean
Once again free