Faerie Card Reading for the Week of January 5th – 11th, 2015

Card: Maeve “Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions” – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


Message from The Faeries: We chose this card for you because this week starts off with a Full Moon, and what better example to use to show you that your life – your body – is very much a part of the natural world, just as the moon, the stars, the plants, the animals and everything else is a part of nature. Everything is connected and works together. Right now there happens to be some intense energies going on celestially, and it’s important to recognize that this will have an impact on you.

There are some forces in nature, and your life, that you have no control over. Just as you are affected by a person at work being snippy with you, you are also affected by moon. You can not control the storm that is brewing outside, just as you can not control how the person next to you is driving. What you can do though is pay attention to yourself. Pay attention to how you feel. Are you low energy? If so, are you respecting yourself and where your energy levels are at? Are you doing too much? Running on empty? Listen to your body, if it is telling you stop then you should do as it says.

Why fight the truth about what is really going with yourself? If you are body is asking you to rest, take a rest. After you rest, the chances are pretty high that you are going to have energy again. Like all things, your body has a natural cycle. It needs rest and then it has energy. If you don’t respect the natural cycle of your body, you will get sick and become unhealthy. Yes your body is strong and resilient, as is your spirit, and if you are not feeling the consequences of your ignorance now, you will most certainly experience later down the road.

When you can see a ¬†thunderstorm coming in, do you go inside and remove yourself from harms way? If you don’t, then you run the risk of getting struck by lightning. Perhaps the odds are low that you will get struck by lightning, but there is still a very good chance that you will get wet when you stand in the rain. When you feel yourself getting frustrated with everything and everyone, do you stay in the situation that is upsetting you? If you do, chances are you are going to eventually get angry with someone or have some sort of meltdown. If you had been listening to your emotional body, you would have excused yourself from the situation and allowed yourself some time and space to properly process what was going on and then come back with a fresh view.

The truth of the matter is, you aren’t always going to feel 100% all of the time. The sooner you acknowledge this and honour the truth, the easier your life can become. Instead of fighting yourself and your natural cycles, why not go with the flow? Chances are you already know some of your life patterns. For example, some of you might get a little tired and sad during the winter when there isn’t as much sunlight. What are you doing for yourself to make these months easier? Some people go on vacation or take some time off of work. Some people try to get more exercise during this time to boost the happy chemicals in your body. Some people take lots of Vitamin D supplements. It’s also alright to just understand why you are feeling the way you are and listen to yourself. Every little thing you do to take care of yourself is a great act of love and kindness.

When you treat yourself with love, respect and kindness. When you take care of yourself, you are sending a wave of love out to the Universe, and this wave of love will be sent back to you tenfold. This is how your life becomes showered with blessings and abundance. True love is self-love.

We hope you all have a wonderful week.

Many blessings,

The Faeries