Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 26 – December 2, 2018

Card: New Love – from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

The Romance Angels have sent you this card like a Valentine greeting, signaling the introduction of someone new into your love life! Perhaps you’ve recently met this person and your interest was piqued. This card validates that your connection was mutual and real. It is safe for you to explore it, and the Romance Angels will guide your actions accordingly.

Message from Erin: I am often surprised by the cards that I’m guided to choose for the weekly reading. The faeries are always pushing me in interesting directions. The guidance is always spot on, but every once in a while I’m not in the flow and I experience some resistance to the card that gets selected. Today’s card is a bit challenging, but I know and trust that this is the message for the week.

What is new love? Yes, it can be the excitement of meeting someone new and falling in love. I have been fortunate to experience this feeling a few times in my life. What a thrill! What a rush! New love can also meeting a new person that you connect with on a deep soulful level. I have also been blessed with connecting with members of my soul family in this lifetime. The feeling is like coming home to a place you didn’t know you were missing. New love can also be that moment when you discover something about yourself that you think is quite remarkable and you feel a genuine fondness towards yourself you never had before. I have also been blessed in this life with finding a true love for myself.

I honestly find myself in a place in my life that I never knew I could possibly be. I have not been in a romantic relationship for over eight years now, and I have gone through many phases on this journey alone. At first I was hurt and felt that there was something wrong with me. I was in this state for a few years. I thought a romantic partner would make me whole and complete me somehow. Then I started to realize slowly over time that there wasn’t anything wrong with me.

Over the last few years I’ve gone through some surprising stages of being alone. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’ve discovered that my relationship with me has become the most important relationship I’ll have in this life. When I was a young woman I didn’t have any love for myself at all, and now I can say that so really like myself a lot and I enjoy my own company immensely. I prefer being alone, and I think I’ve found a pretty good balance of also enjoying the company of friends, family, and even neighbours, in the last few years. I’m not a loner, by any stretch, and yet I really like hanging out with myself.

When I looked at this card I scoffed. I have had zero interest in dating or creating situations where I might meet a potential relationship. It’s been completely off the radar. I’ve started to wonder recently if I might be somewhere on the asexual spectrum as I no longer feel driven by a libido. Why am I sharing all of this? Because I want others, who might be where I am at, to know that you aren’t alone. It’s okay to not want a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s okay if you don’t want to settle down or get married. You are here to live your story and no one else’s. It’s okay to break social norms. It’s okay if your dreams and desires change as you do.

As for this New Love card, and what it means to me, it could mean that I meet someone. I can make space for that idea in my heart. Anything is possible. However, I want to be clear that I only want a romance in my life if it’s going to make my relationship with myself even stronger and healthier than ever before. I only want to fall in love with someone else if it brings me closer to my best self. I only want a romantic partner if it means that I have a deeper connection to the world and the people around me. Anything else just isn’t good enough. I welcome all forms of new love into my life, but especially self-love.

What kind of new love do you want in your life?

I love you,


Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 9 – 15, 2017

Card: VI The Lovers – from the Tarot Del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo.

“Love, beauty, unanimity, trists overcome, confidence, beginning of a possible romance, infatuation, tendency towards optimism, letting oneself go, the necessity of testing  or subjecting to trial, struggle between sacred and profane love, putting to the proof, yearning.”

Message from the Faeries: This week, it’s all about love. For those of you who are single and are hoping to meet someone, and for those who are wanting romance in your life, this week will present you with an opportunity. If this is what you really want in your life right now, then pay close attention to signs being given to you and listen tonyour intuition. If you feel compelled to go somewhere or do something, then you should follow your instincts. 

We would like to take this time to tell you that you are all surrounded by love, all the time. If you are feeling a lack of love right now, then you are not paying attention to the love that is there for you at all times. It means you’ve closed yourself off to love that is always there. Open yourself up and be vulnerable. Let the love in. 

Please don’t forget this you are made of love. You don’t even have to look outside for love, all you could possibly need is within. Give yourself some love you deserved it. 

And this is our other message for this week – you all deserve love. Every single one of you. No exception. You all deserve to be have love. You all deserve to be loved. You all deserve to give love too. We hope you take this to heart. 

We love you, 

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of December 26, 2016 – January 1, 2017

Card: Faith: Humanity and Benevolence – from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray. 

“Stay calm and breathe. You are a divine being of love who has done so much good in the world.  You may be going through personal transformations and feel that you’re not getting anywhere, but Archangel Faith is drawing close to guide you beyond the limitations that your ego and fears have created for you. You may be trying to work out whom to trust. First trust yourself. When you do this and recognize that you are made of love, you will attract those who reflect that love and can enjoy true friendships and loving relationships. Know that good is here to stay.”

Message from the Faeries: 2016 is coming to the end. Many of you are spending time celebrating with friends and family, and you may also find yourself having a few peaceful moments to yourself. This time of quiet and reflection may bring up some of the more difficult times of this year. Remember all the important things you learned about yourself and others in this time, and then move forward.

Despite all the difficulties you have endured, it is important that you keep the faith. It is so important to keep that light of faith inside of you lit. Be vigilant in maintaining the faith as you will most certainly be challenged some more in the next coming year. We don’t want to alarm you, but 2017 is shaping up to be quite the year. We see lots of ups for you, but there might be a few downs that come along with the highs. 

So, this is the perfect week to do a bit of refining and fine tuning. Take a few moments to sit with yourself and remember all the times this past year where you had some intuition and you followed it. How did that work out for you? If you trusted yourself and it worked out in your favour then we urge you strongly carry on with this practice. Keep the faith in yourself and you will find that you will start to be more aware of others and where they are at. You will start to filter out the people that have no good intentions and you will bring those who have good intentions closer to you. 

If you ignored your intuition, how did that work out for you? If the results were that you brought on more problems for yourself, we hope you learned from this and begin to start listening to yourself. Trust yourself. You really do know what is best for you. 

We know there are some of you out there who followed your intuition and you had a unfavourable result. Because of these experiences you started to lose faith and stopped trusting yourself. To you we say: you weren’t wrong to follow your intuition, and it brought you to where you needed to be in that moment. Did you break an unhealthy pattern after this? Did you learn anything? Did you remove certain people from your life after the unsavoury experience? Sometimes your intuition brings you to uncomfortable places or unsavoury people for important reasons. Learn from these moments and move forward. Keep the faith and keep trusting yourself. It’s one of the greatest forms of self-love.

We love you.

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of December 14 -20, 2015


Card: Love & Accept Yourself – from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray.

“You are doing so well on changing your old habits and thoughts that the Angels are now encouraging you to take the next steps along your pathway, which are to approve of yourself and then love who you truly are.”

Message from The Faeries: This time of year can be a bit challenging for some of you. It’s getting close to Christmas, and this can be a very magical and happy time of year, but it can also be a very stressful and emotional time of year. If you are finding yourself easily triggered this week, we think the best thing you can do for yourself is to give yourself a bit of a time out.

Loving yourself isn’t just about looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you love yourself. While, we do think it’s an important exercise that would do you well to practice from time to time, it’s not really what loving yourself is about. In fact, we caution you against falling prey to narcissism. It’s important to feel good in your body and love your physical being, but try not to get too caught up in it. Your body is very temporary,  and please treat it very well, but don’t ignore your spirit and your emotional being in the process of loving your body.

Loving and accepting yourself is about being present in the moment with yourself at all times. It’s about listening to all aspects of yourself and taking action. It’s about being present with yourself in this very moment and accepting yourself completely. This means that you aren’t wishing you were someone else, somewhere else. You can look at your entire being and say: This is who I am. This where I am in my journey. I accept who I am. I love who I am becoming. I am looking forward to where I am going.

This holiday season we want to remind you of self-love because we have noticed that a lot of you have this habit of not completely loving yourself. More specifically: you don’t listen to yourself. When you are in uncomfortable social circumstances  that are making you unhappy you don’t excuse yourself from it, instead you stay there because you think you have to. We would like you to explore for yourself to the idea that you always have choice. You don’t have to be somewhere if you don’t want to be. If people are being rude to you or you don’t enjoy their company, why would you stay? You aren’t doing yourself , or them, any favours by sticking around.

You are truly loving yourself when you say no to unhealthy social situations and say yes to only spending time with people who will love and accept you for who you are. Spending time with people who don’t really appreciate you is  a waste of time and energy that you will never get back, it’s also a sign that you don’t love yourself enough to say no to abusive people and situations. That might sound a bit harsh, but it’s the truth as we see it.

We understand the complexities of relationships, especially when it comes to family, but we would like you to think of the possibilities of something different. If you are spending Christmas with family members who aren’t kind and loving towards you, and you feel that you absolutely have to be there, then at least do yourself the service of letting them know that it isn’t okay for them to be unkind to you. Loving yourself is also sticking up for yourself. Reminder: do your best to be loving and kind with your words.

We hope you enjoy the holidays.

We love you,

The Faeries

Note from Erin: Sorry the readings have been a bit lately! I’ve been busy with school. I’m handing in my last exam today, so hopefully I’ll be more on top of it starting next week 🙂


Got Those New Moon Blues

I don’t know about the rest of you, but today has been a struggle. 

All day I felt like there was a darkness looming over me. I felt this overwhelming sadness and hopelessness. All this pain and fear I didn’t know I was carrying was weighing deep in my heart. I didn’t want to move or do anything. I just wanted to sit on my couch and feel sorry for myself. 

Eventually there was a small breakthrough and I forced myself to get off the couch and to go do laundry. I needed to move and I needed to clean. I learned that trick from an old friend. When you feel yourself covered in etheric grime, the best thing to do is to brush the dirt off your shoulder and clean! 

Laundry, change the bedding, do the dishes, sweep the floor, clean the bathroom. I had to change up the energy in my apartment and get my own energy flowing. I’m telling you, it really helps a lot. I start to notice the difference right away.

So, I thought about it while I was doing laundry. Tomorrow is the New Moon and it’s 11/11. It really makes sense that I’ve been feeling this way today. It’s my spirit letting me know that right now is time to let go of things that are not serving me. It’s time for me to do some writing. Writing down the bones. Getting those skeletons out of mental closet. I’m going to write a long letter to myself and burn it tonight. I’m also going to take a bath and cleanse myself. I’ll feel fresh when I enter my clean room and clean bed. I’ll also do a big smudge of my apartment tonight. 

I thought I would share in case any of you were feeling the same way. 

I don’t see why I need to be hanging on to some of these thoughts and feelings. I want to feel like I’m forward and not holding myself back.

I pulled this card for tonight:

This seem a bit intense and crazy right now, but don’t lose hope. Things are going to work out in the end.

I wish you all lots of love and healing on this wonderful New Moon.

Happy 11:11

Much love,


Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 27 – May 3, 2015


Card: Self-Acceptance – from the Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue.

“You are a perfect child of God, and every part of you is wonderful. Your angels guide you to let go of negative self-judgments and to enjoy being you!”

Message from Erin: Well, theFaeries say that it’s my turn to do the reading this week. What a wonderful card for all of us to get. It’s such a simple message, yet it might be one of the most challenging to hear: Love yourself – all of yourself. Love every single millimetre of your body. Love every inch of your soul. And love that ego of yours too! All of it! 

I hear all the time from the Faeries and the Angels that they love me no matter what I say or do. They tell me all that time that I am perfect in every possible way. They remind me all the time that because I am part of God’s creation, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I hear these things, but I still have a hard time really listening and taking this powerful message to heart.

I strongly believe that this one of the most important lesson in my life’s journey: learning to love myself. For me, it’s just not just about looking in the mirror and liking the person I see. It’s so much more profound than that. It’s about really learning to let go of all my judgments and hang ups. And oh boy, do I have a lot of them. Sometimes when I think I’ve got one taken care of, another one pops up out of nowhere. The human mind is quite the remarkable thing.

My most recent example would be my recent decision to not become a professional tarot reader. For a while I thought it was I wanted to do. I’m really good at it. I know I am intuitively gifted and that I can really help people with my talents, but as I continued on my journey I realized that despite my gifts and talents, it’s not my calling. It isn’t my life’s purpose. 

I was really confused at first. I thought that because I have these gifts I was under some sort of moral obligation to share these gifts and talents. The Faeries have been showing me that I am under no moral obligation whatsoever! I am not really serving anyone if I am not perusing my true passion. I much prefer writing. I love writing, studying and academia. When I’m not pushing my brain’s limits I really begin to wilt, not blossom. 

This week I started to feel guilty because I’ve decided to go back to university. I feel incredibly excited at the prospect of going back to school to work towards a degree in sociology. I think I’m going to love it, but I had this funny moment where I was worried that going back to school would not be spiritual enough – even though the Angels and Faeries guided me to apply to university – I was worried it was too left-brained. So silly of me. I came to the realization that no matter what I am doing it’s being spiritual. It is called Universe-ity, after all. 

Acknowledging and remembering the academic side of me is part of my journey of self-acceptance. It’s been an interesting twist on the road of my life’s journey. I certainly wouldn’t have thought I would be headed this way a few months ago, but life unfolds in mysterious and magical ways. 

Whatever happens for all of you this week, I hope you remember to love yourself along the way.

Wishing you all the best of everything, 

Erin (and the Faeries)

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 20 – 26, 2015


Card: Retreat – from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“The Romance Angels see that your love life blossoms as you spend time alone with your partner (or by yourself). It appears that you’ve become confused or conflicted by other people’s advice. It’s time for you to disconnect so that you can better hear your own feelings and opinions.”

Message from The Faeries: This week’s card echoes a similar message from last week. There are still some very intense energies happening right now. These energies are definitely good energies that will help you along your journey, but they can also feel overwhelming at times and can make things a little confusing. There is so much energy that you feel yourself being pushed in many directions right now. You are not alone. This Spring is full of life and intensity. 

In order to really appreciate and enjoy this Spring energy, we recommend that you try to make as much time for yourself as you possibly can. Your are going to be hearing all kinds of fun and interesting information coming from all directions, as everyone around is coming to life with new inspiration and ideas. You might also hear a lot of unsolicited advice from friends and even strangers. They all mean well and some of it might be helpful, but it’s important for you to really show discernment. Only take in the things that really speak the heart. The rest you can just let go of and move on.

With Spring comes budding new romances and rekindled excitement between partners. If you have a love partner, right now is an excellent time to make some space for just the two of you. Explore these fun energies together and take the time to care for one another. You really owe it to yourselves and each other to open your hearts to one another and allow the love to flow in an authentic way. You may discover an even deeper or new love for one another. 

For those of you who still haven’t met your special life partner, enjoy this love vortex portal that is open this week and allow the energies to flow upon you. Take the time for yourself to really love and appreciate yourself. Rember to not let other people’s ideas and opinions about your ‘single status’ to have any impact on your love life. This is your life and you are the one in control. It’s okay if you like to be alone or if you have really high standards that some people may think is unreasonable. Just be you no matter what, and be sure to take the time to remember who you are. Hint: you have a better chance of meeting that special someone if you just do you.

It’s okay to be selfish and take some time out for yourself, or for you and your partner. You should never feel bad for taking care of yourself or each other. 

We hope you have a wonderful week.

Much love,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of December 8th – 14th, 2014

Card: Mother Mary from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


“You’ve given a lot of yourself lately, and now it’s time to give something to yourself. You’ve drawn this card because you need to nurture yourself. This means taking good care of your body through sleep, detoxification, and exercise. It also means taking care of your needs as you would for others. To have more energy, abundance, peace, purpose, and everything that you desire, nurture yourself.”

Message from The Faeries: What does it mean to truly look after yourself? It means that you listen to your body, mind and spirit. You pay attention to all of the messages that they are sending you. Not only do you listen to what they are trying to tell you, but you also act in accordance with what they are asking you to do. This is no simple task, as we can guarantee you that you have been ignoring or avoiding some of these messages for quite some time.

Are you listening to your body? What is it telling you? Is it telling you it needs a rest? Is it telling you that certain foods are harming it? Is it letting you know that desires more energy? Are you listening? What are you doing with these messages? Some of you might be listening and acting. This is wonderful and congratulations to those that are listening. We know for a fact that most of you are just half paying attention and outright ignoring the messages your body is sending you. Why? Because you have this thing called an ego that is trying to override everything.

Your ego has been running the show for a long time now, but it’s time to tell your ego off and to allow the other aspects of yourself to jump in and do the essential work. It’s time to listen to your body. Your ego really wants to indulge in those rich foods, but your body has been telling you it needs other foods right now by making you feel sick after eating that decadent meal. It desperately wants and needs food that is nourishing and healthy. It needs fresh fruits and vegetables more than anything, and it needs lots of love too. The temptations of rich food is everywhere at this time of year, so try to find a balance by eating meals consist of raw vegetables and fruit.

The ego plays an important role in your survival, but it operates at a very low vibration compared to your higher-self. You’re higher-self communicates to you through your heart chakra. This is why it is so important for you to listen to your heart. It truly knows best. The ego will only guide you at the basic levels of survival. There is so much more to you than this.

Please take good care of yourselves. Please listen to what your heart, your body and what your mind needs for clarity. There are some really intense energies happening right now, and it very important that you are well looked after. Of course you should ask for assistance if you need help in looking after yourself, but remember that only you know what is best for you. So stop and listen.

We love you,
The Faeries

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Making Myself My Life’s Passion

life passion

I had one of those A-ha! moments in the bath this morning. I often have revelations in the bath. I figure it must have something to do with being in the water. Anyhow, while I was in that bath this morning, I was contemplating why I feel as though I have hit some sort of wall with myself these days. For almost two years now I have been going to the gym and trying to take very good care of myself. I’ve been desperately trying to kick my sugar habit, and I have been mostly eating very healthy food.

The past few months I have sort of lost interest in all of it. It’s not that I don’t care about myself, and it isn’t that I don’t want to feel good about myself. I think that I’ve just grown tired at feeling like I have to work so hard at being healthy and happy. I remembered today that I had a conversation with some friends the other night, where I was telling them it was so much work to take care of myself. We all agreed that it was hard work to look after ourselves. As I remembered this conversation it dawned on me: No wonder I was tired of going to the gym and trying really hard to be healthy! I had turned my self-care into a job. I was treating it like it was work.

I think it’s really important for me to look after myself, and to be healthy and happy. I feel very passionately about it, as a matter of fact. Truth be told, I feel really good when I’m exercising regularly and when I avoid eating lots of carbs and sugar. The thing that I am getting all caught up in is that I’ve made it into something that isn’t fun and I am losing sight of my goals. When I get wrapped up in my fitness app, monitoring my calories and scrutinizing what I eat, I am not allowing myself to relax. When I make a regimented schedule out of my life, eventually I get bored and uninterested. I start to lose my passion when I have turned it into the idea that it’s a full-time job.

Being honest with myself here – it does take effort to be healthy and to do activities that I love and enjoy. Obviously if I just sit around all day eating junk food, I’m not going feel very good both physically and emotionally. The thing that I am learning here though, is that if I take myself too seriously and start to lose the joy out of what I am doing, I am missing the point. I don’t want my life to be a make-work-project. I want my life to be full of passion, joy, love and happiness. I want my life to be my life’s passion!

So starting today, I am going to return to the passion. I am going to return to the reason why I started on this journey of self-care. I am loving myself and listening to my body. I am giving it nourishment and love. I am giving it lots of exercise and healthy food. I am doing this not because it have to, I am doing this because I want to. I want to feel good. I want to be kind to myself. I want to love myself. I’m not doing this for anybody else, just me.

This journey doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be difficult. The only reason why it’s been a challenge is because I was approaching it as a challenge. I’ve been thinking it’s difficult and hard, and so it has been difficult and hard. No more! This life’s passion journey of health is walked with ease and grace, with skips and jumps of joy and happiness.

Here is to making myself my life’s passion.

All my love,