Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 26 – April 1, 2018

Card: Ace or Autumn – from the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

“Wonderful news! A windfall of unexpected resources arrives to help you pursue your dreams! The fairies are trustworthy manifesters, and they’ve brought you a gift. This may be financial abundance such as money, or it could be wise counsel, physical help with your project, or someone can introduce you to very influential people.”

Message from Erin: As always, I asked the faeries for guidance while choosing a card for us this week. I was guided to choose this card and I was a little bit dismayed that it was the Ace Autumn because it’s clearly spring time here and it went against my senses. The faeries assured me that this was indeed the correct card and that the message of the card was most important. They also said: “things are a bit topsy turvy at the moment and you just need to let go and go with the flow.” They also told me that things are going to work out just the way they are supposed, which isn’t the most reassuring thing that faeries can say, haha.

As always, the jokes on me. After reading up on the card I looked down and noticed I had put the rest of the deck of cards down face-up and the Ace of Spring was on the bottom and it was mockingly looking up at me. Very funny, faeries. Very funny. Topsy turvy, indeed.

So we have two cards this week! Haha! Enjoy 🙂

Card: Ace of Spring

“The fairy of spring presents you with a wonderful new opportunity that will allow you to achieve what you desire. Your fledging hopes are now about to take flight, and all that’s needed from you is the courage to see things through. Be daring, be fearless, and then happily pursue your most treasured dreams.”

Message from The Faeries: Something most helpful will come this way for you this week. If you accept the gifts that are offered to you, in combination with all of your own efforts and determination, you will find yourself on the right path to achieving your goals and making your dreams into a reality.

If things seem a bit difficult and challenging right now, do not despair. Instead, hold your head high so that you can see all the good things that are coming your way. Ride out these turbulent waves, because it’s going to be smooth sailing in the next few weeks.

We love you,

Erin and the Faeries


Faerie Card Reading for September 28 – October 4, 2015

Card: Triumphant Success – from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards by John Holland.

“The first of the Mental cards signifies that new beginnings and exciting challenges may be before you. By utilizing your strength, willpower, determination, and focus, there’s the potential for you to reign triumphant in many areas of your life.” 

Message from the Faeries: Guess what?! This week is going to be awesome! Expect more than one success. Expect to the win that one battle. Expect to win that prize. Expect to hear some great news. Are you ready for it?!

Things may have been a little rough lately. Maybe a bit challenging? Well, we can’t promise that there aren’t any more challenges, but you will have some relief this week, with some good things are coming your way. 

The sword in this card is your sword. You use it every day to win your small battles. It helps you cut through all the cords that hold you back. It assists you in keeping away people that bring you down. It protects you from all the unwanted things that try to enter your life. It’s your trusty sword that you keep beside you at all times.

We want you to imagine yourself raising your sword in triumph. All your hard work has paid off. Take a breath and let out a victory cheer. Know that even if it doesn’t seem like it quite yet, things are going your way. Trust and know that all is well. 

You’ve taken all the steps you’ve needed to take. You’ve visualized your victory. You trusted and followed your intuition. You strategize do and carried out your plans. You listened to your heart. Now it is time receive your hard earned winnings. The question is: are you ready to receive? 

Use your sword wisely. Be sure not to block all the good things trying to enter your life, along with all undesired. 

We love you! 

The Faeries