Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 8 – 14, 2018

Card: Five of Swords – from The Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz.

“Tainted Victory – Victories get polluted when your personal integrity is compromised. Nobody actually wins in this scenario, and the backlash can be horrible. Make sure you are paying attention to the whole picture. Broaden your vision and honour your principles. It will pay off in the long run.”

Message from Erin: This past week was a bit of a stressful one for me. It was very busy at work, and in the midst of the chaos, I got into an argument with one of my coworkers. I really hate conflict, and it was challenging for me to keep my anger under wraps. Even though I felt I was in the right, and had to stand up for myself and other coworkers, I did not feel like I came up a winner in my battle. It feels awful, for me, to argue with someone.

However, despite the fact that I didn’t “win”, I gained some understanding of myself and other people. The truth can be harsh and uncomfortable. And my truth is really important to me. I don’t need to be right all the time, but I need things to be just and fair. If someone isn’t being fair or just, I need to stand up to that. That’s my truth. I am willing to be the loser in a scenario where the truth needs to be told.

And so, this week I want to reflect on this card. It’s okay to go into battle and come out the loser, especially if it’s for something or someone that you feel is very important. But ask yourself: is this battle worth it? Is this the sword you want to fall on? Are you willing to lose? What is the price you are willing to pay?

In the grander scheme of everything, when when I’m looking at all aspects of my life, I can ask myself: is this worth it? Am I willing to fail or succeed for this? Discernment – it’s a very useful skill to learn. I hope to gain this wisdom. Maybe you want it too.

I love you,



Faerie Card Reading for the Week of June 19 – 25, 2017 

Card: Six of Wands – from the Circle of Life Tarot by Maria Distefano. 

“In any contest, before defeat is met, there is always a moment to stop and think.”

Message from the Erin: Every once in a while, when I do our weekly reading, I pull a card that the Faeries seem pretty unwilling to give much information about. This happens to be one of those times! They insist that this is the card for this week, but they aren’t being very forthcoming with any other message, haha. 

In my experience, the Six of Wands is a pretty great card to get, it’s a card of victory. It means that you get what you wanted and things will work out. Interestingly, the words that come with this particular deck and card give us a bit of a different message. The truth is, before either a win or a defeat, there is always a moment to sit and think about all the possible outcomes and make peace with whatever will happen. 

I think this a pretty good message for this: win or lose, when you’ve already made peace with the outcome, it doesn’t really matter. Yeah, of course it’s great to win, but it’s also the process of trying to succeed that can the reward in itself. Sometimes when things don’t work out the way we expected them too, we soon realize that maybe we didn’t actually want what we thought we did, or we end up with something better.

The Faeries just told me: “There is no winning or losing, there is only winning”. We win no matter what. Whenever we think have lost we have actual won something that we didn’t know we needed at the time. 

Keep on winning! 

Love Erin (and the Faeries) 

Faerie Card Reading for September 28 – October 4, 2015

Card: Triumphant Success – from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards by John Holland.

“The first of the Mental cards signifies that new beginnings and exciting challenges may be before you. By utilizing your strength, willpower, determination, and focus, there’s the potential for you to reign triumphant in many areas of your life.” 

Message from the Faeries: Guess what?! This week is going to be awesome! Expect more than one success. Expect to the win that one battle. Expect to win that prize. Expect to hear some great news. Are you ready for it?!

Things may have been a little rough lately. Maybe a bit challenging? Well, we can’t promise that there aren’t any more challenges, but you will have some relief this week, with some good things are coming your way. 

The sword in this card is your sword. You use it every day to win your small battles. It helps you cut through all the cords that hold you back. It assists you in keeping away people that bring you down. It protects you from all the unwanted things that try to enter your life. It’s your trusty sword that you keep beside you at all times.

We want you to imagine yourself raising your sword in triumph. All your hard work has paid off. Take a breath and let out a victory cheer. Know that even if it doesn’t seem like it quite yet, things are going your way. Trust and know that all is well. 

You’ve taken all the steps you’ve needed to take. You’ve visualized your victory. You trusted and followed your intuition. You strategize do and carried out your plans. You listened to your heart. Now it is time receive your hard earned winnings. The question is: are you ready to receive? 

Use your sword wisely. Be sure not to block all the good things trying to enter your life, along with all undesired. 

We love you! 

The Faeries