Fairy Tales

There is no such thing as a good faerie or a bad faerie.

We do not exist in a reality that has Good or Evil. In the Faerie Realm, there is no duality. We don’t perceive things as being good or bad. From our perspective we simply just are. We simply are being. We see no need in categorizing our behaviours and emotions and labeling them as being positive or negative. No matter what anyone has ever said about faeries in the past, we will tell you straight up that there is no such thing as a good or bad faerie.

Yes there are many “fairy tales” that will tell you otherwise, and there have even been entire books written about this, but please understand that they were written and told by people who experience and live in a dualistic reality. We are very aware that most humans live in a dualistic reality. We understand and sympathize with you, and we are conscious of how some of our actions can be perceived as being good or bad.  We know that most of you feel the need to label your experiences as either being good or bad. We see the Faerie Realm and the Human Realm in an interconnected matrix; we are able to see things through our own eyes and through human eyes simultaneously, so we understand very well how you perceive things.

What we most want to impart with you is that: Always, without a doubt, we are here to assist you.

We are your Guardians. Everything we do, we do to help you and we never, ever doing anything against your free will. This is one important aspect of your reality that we would like to remind you of and take hold of in the most complete way. You live in a free will reality. Unfortunately, many of you have forgotten this, and at some point some of you willingly gave your free will away. The great news is that the second you become aware of your free will, it’s yours again to have and to own. There are many beings and humans in this universe who have taken advantage of this mass amnesia, and who have held the energy on this planet to create the illusion that you do not have free will, but we are very hopeful that this era is coming to an end.

Even when we are interacting with people who have forgotten about their free will, we still do not ever violate their free will. We have been accused of everything from kidnapping to murder, but we say in all sincerity that we have never once violated anyone’s free will. What confuses some people is that our methods come across as some sort of trickery, but even then we are not ever violating anyone’s free will. All of our actions are to assist you, and whether you accept this or not, they are all in accordance with what you have asked us to do. When you pray, when you make a wish, when you express your desires, we listen and we do everything to make this happen for you. These “fairy tales” about us often come from people who forgot that they asked for a certain experience or in the end didn’t like what they asked for. Also, there are some things that we do to assist you that you asked us to do before you came into being. You asked us to write a contract with you, and we are simply fulfilling our end of the deal.

Everything we ever do with you is what you have asked us to do. We are here to assist you in your manifestations. We help to make your dreams come true. So, if you are ever unhappy with what you are experiencing in this life, we really want you to understand that you are the one who is creating this. You are all very powerful beings and we really would love for you to wake up the fact that you are the creators of your reality so that we can help you to create the world that you truly want to live in.

Many blessings to all of you,

Love, The Faeries


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