Who are we? What are we?

To put it quite simply, we are everything. If that’s too difficult for you to conceptualize, then the next thing we would say to you is: We are energy. People over the years have given us all kinds of names: fairie, fairy, fae, little people, elementals, gremlins, elves, monsters, etc. The list goes on and on. We don’t actually care what you call us, we would just like for you to have a better understanding of us, who we are and what we do.

We are the energy that is behind everything in your three-dimensional reality. When we say everything, we mean just that. We represent, we are ambassadors of everything that surrounds you. We even represent you!  To put it into simpler terms – for every type of thing you can imagine: rocks, animals, plants, mountains, rivers, electricity, glass, fabric, concrete, alcohol – we are the beings, the entities, the energy that represents all of these things. That’s why some of you have the understanding that we are tree spirits, flower faeries, water nymphs and so on.  There is truth to that understanding, but we would really like you to see the bigger picture and to understand how we are everything. There are faeries that represent all the types of flowers and trees, but there is also a faerie for each type of animal, each type of body of water, each rock, each crystal, every gust of wind, and the warmth from the sun.  There are even glass faeries, concrete faeries and rubber faeries. Honestly, imagine a type of faerie and it exists.


The reason that it’s so important for you to understand all of this is that we would really like you to see the bigger picture. Part of who we are and why we exist is to assist you and all living beings on Earth. If you had a better understanding of who we were and that we are everywhere, then the much easier it is for us to help you and work with you.

At this time we would like to offer you an invitation: If you have any questions we would love to answer them for you, so please don’t ever hesitate to ask. You can post a question to this blog, or you can ask us in the ethers. Your questions will be answered.

Many blessings to you,
The Faeries

7 thoughts on “Who are we? What are we?

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  2. So informative. I have heard of fairies before, but have not done much reading on them. Safe to say, I will be spending the next few hours catching up on your posts! I am quite new to this world, but have been told for years by other healers and sensitive/energy workers that I need to release and open up to this world. Thank you.

  3. I like your thinking dear faeries!
    I too am a faery! As elemental as the earth beneath my feet!
    We are all of the essence!
    We are all fae!
    To me it’s so obvious and simple!
    Big hugs dear faerykin xxx

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